Business News of 2014-08-06

Phone users to pay more for credit vouchers

Customers of the various telcos in the country are now paying more for credit they use. Some telecommunication companies have conceded they have also been affected by the current economic crisis.

According to some media advertisements, telecom giant, Vodafone has introduced new mobile tariffs and new fixed voice postpaid packages. Since August 1, 2014, prepaid customers of Vodafone have been paying a flat rate of 11 pesewas per minute as new tariff.

New tariffs for post paid customers will take effect next three weeks, August 25. With a 10 cedi standard voice postpaid package, subscribers will have 95 minutes for Vodafone calls, 25 minutes for other networks.

Users of Vodafone’s 20 cedi smart voice postpaid package will have 260 minutes call to Vodafone lines and 40 minutes to other networks. 50 cedi business voice postpaid package will have 720 for calls to Vodafone lines and 180 minutes to other networks.

However 100 cedi premium will have 1600 minutes to Vodafone lines and 400 minutes other networks.

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