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Project to boost public sector performance

A project to boost the performance of public sector workers in the country has been initiated by the French Government.

The project will focus on the Western Region.

The Minister of State in charge of Public Sector Reforms, Mr Alhassan Azong, told the GRAPHIC BUSINESS on July 29 after a financial signing agreement between the Government of Ghana and the French government that the success of an earlier project by the French Government led to the initiation of the new one.

“They did one in 2006 and when it ended, the impact was so great. They did a lot of training; built structures in Tamale and Accra and also enhanced the capacity of civil servants,” he explained.

According to him, the project for which an agreement had been signed comprised three components and the first was to promote accountability in the Western Region on a pilot basis.

He added, “we have three components, and the first one is at the regional level. It is to promote accountability and they chose the Western Region on a pilot basis to see how they could get stakeholders in the district to consider issues on governance.”

On public sector reforms, Mr Azong said the emphasis was on performance management.

“This project is an extension of public sector reforms and we will liaise with the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) to handle it,” he said.

The project aims to reinforce reforms and make the realities involved in their implementation clearer to policy makers.

The project

Ghana and France signed a financial agreement worth €800,000 for the implementation of a project dubbed, “Strengthening the accountability of Ghana’s central and local government.”

The Minister for Local Governments and Rural Development, Mr Julius Debrah and Minister of State in charge of Public Sector Reforms, Mr Alhassan Azong signed for the government of Ghana, while the France Ambassador to Ghana, Mr Frederic Clavier signed on behalf of the French Government.

Mr Clavier explained that over a period of three years and with a budget of €800,000, the project would focus on the application of principles of respect for the rule of law and consensus building, transparency, citizen participation, gender equality, efficiency and public sector accountability.

“Its main objective will be to strengthen the implementation of accountability mechanisms of the Government of Ghana,” he said adding that the move was also to formalize and celebrate France/Ghana partnership in the area of governance.

According to him, the Ghana- French co-operation on issues relating to strengthening accountability started with the Fond de Solidarite Prioritaire (Solidarity Priority Fund (SPF) since 2006.

“Last year, we completed two SPF projects, one in support of the decentralisation process and the other in support of public sector reform. Both projects were completed in early 2013 with a positive balance,” he added.

The civil society, he also explained, would have a better understanding of issues relating to administrative reforms and the tools at its disposal to ensure the accountability of policy makers.

The operational components of the project included strengthening accountability at the central level, strengthening accountability at the local level in the Western Region and to strengthen ties among government, civil society and the citizens.

Mr Debrah expressed his gratitude to France for its support, stressing that availability of funds could help enhance governance in the country.

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