Music of 2014-08-08

Juuju steps into the ring

Music has given space to many young people to explore their talents. One of the latest of such talents is 21-year-old Juuju who has just turned out her first song titled, Kakyer? Me.

As she says in the song, Juuju cannot stand cases involving women who suffer heartbreaks in their relationships and so she wrote her freestyle song to prompt guys on how they must treat their women.

Speaking to Showbiz last Sunday, Juuju revealed that she had been singing since she was seven years old. “I used to sing at church during children’s week programmes and eventually became leader of the baby choir.

“My mum says I have been a performer since childhood. I would sneak into her room and return dressed in oversized clothes, create a stage and start singing.

“I must say I am really favoured by God because opportunities keep running to me. I never struggled to do anything, thanks to God”.

Juuju, real name, Juliana Nana Aba Prah is a Level 400 Theatre Arts and Information Studies student of the University of Ghana.

She makes time outside her studies to present shows, do voice overs, sing and appear on the YFM morning show in Takoradi with the regular host, Kwame Legend, and producer, Etornam.

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