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Hate and jealousy overruling Ghana’s Music Industry

The Ghanaian music industry lacks appreciation, togetherness and above all support for colleague’s success yet when death occurs; they act like they were indeed proud of their colleague and display much love.

Artistes appear to be united when they belong to the same neighborhood, in a group or have some personal interest in each other to ride on the half’s fame to earn attention and or for reasons known to themselves.

In the minds of the ordinary Ghanaian, most gurus in the showbiz industry who are best of friends with these artistes are united yet there are always ongoing competitions with the mindset of progressing pass their fellow colleagues in their field of work by helping the artistes who they really don’t like, but have to be cool with them for their reasons.

Ghana is blessed with many talented musicians, in each music genres from Highlife, Hiplife, Hip-hop, Afro-beat right down to Dancehall and Reggae. But the question is, where is the unity among these artistes?

The music industry has a lot of problems from the industry structures to the way heads runs it operations with lack of unity being a major cause of the problem.

An instant is for one funny reason some artist will not collaborate, feature or even support for their colleague’s projects no matter what is involved and if they would show interest, it take them months and weeks to conclude on whether or not to assist them.

This sometimes leaves the artistes embarking on the project frustrated to go on with it as the delay of concluding to earn support from their colleagues takes majority of the time needed to proceed with the work.

Some choose to make empty promises to support their colleague’s projects including shooting videos to songs they had been featured on and rather demand ridiculous amount of money and wardrobe budget to pull down their colleagues.

Let that same colleague artiste get involved in an accident, die or just like the ongoing missing mystery about Hiplife artiste, Castro whose body is yet to be found alive or dead, late Fennec Okyere, Ronnie Coaches, Terry BonChaka, Suzzy Williams, etc.

The kind of love and memories shared about these people, would never have been same had they been still alive.

Unfortunately, showing love to a dead and gone will not benefit the demise artist in any way.

Think about this for a second, the songs composed for the fallen colleague to show love and respect rather end up yielding benefits to most artistes by earning attention since the death of their colleague would have been the trending issue in the nation.

It is high time Ghanaian artistes unite because there is only one truth that the Ghanaian music industry is one of the weakest and poorest in the whole world; their disunity alone makes it impossible to grow stronger let alone fight for their deserving right.

Their needs from the companies, event organizers and government not forgetting the general public can only be attended to when there are unity and strong forces to make the impact and changes they deserve in the industry.

Source: urbanpowerplay.com
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