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The success story of Funny Face

You can hate or love him, but funny man Funny Face is sure smiling to the bank. The man is proving to be as swift a business man as a comedian.

Funny got to public notice thanks to his winning the ‘Toli’ Masters competition numerous times before becoming a regular staple on the Chorkor Trotro series.

From then music came calling, and from there lies Funny’s inventiveness because Funny is now making big bucks endorsing products and services, a feat few have achieved.

It got to a point when one viewed Funny endorsing Vodafone on TV 3, OLX on GTV and Latex Foam on TV Africa simultaneously.

Few are aware that Funny runs a personal office at Sakaman where he coordinates events and negotiates terms as well as looks after his business interest.

The fact that Funny has limited his comic acts so as not to become stale but still earn good money from endorsements and moderating events is testament to the man’s brilliance and dominance.

Here is to the undisputed champ the ‘Swagon’ Papa.

Watch Funny Face in his element:

Source: Michael Dokosi
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