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GhComedy Fraternity: DKB could have done better

On the Night of thousand- and eighteen laughs and music, DKB's performance can be described as a silencer to the 'haters' of Gh comedy on August 2, hosted by Charter House.

His impressive show-off performance attracted ratings from top industry players, who praised and claimed that he was the life of the show.

Showbiz pundit and writer, Francis Doku took to social media to rate DKB 8.2 above the other performers. This rating has been embraced by newly converted DKB fans and Rookie supporters of GH comedy.

However, the #GhComedy fraternity, a commune of Ace Gh Comedians and crew members, who have been with DKB on tours like the Corporate Comedy Series, Comedy Bar and DKBLiVE, claim that DKB wasn't in his full element on the night.

"The DKB patrons saw on the night, was an introductory version of what DKB can truly do, you'll have to see the Comedy Bar every last Saturday of the month, " top member of the fraternity said.

"DKB is an awesome humorist, and no one should downplay his talent, his performance was a 6.5. But to see a 10/10 performance, fans in Takoradi can catch him on the Corporate Comedy Series at the Atlantic Hotel on September 12," a Gh comedy publicist stated.

Now DKB's prowess remains a mystery, but if you stalk his movement, you may find out.

Source: Emmanuel Oscar Ugoh
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