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Multiple factors affecting the patronage of registration

Due to lack of interest, low publicity and difficulties associated with proof of eligibility, many qualified persons might have inhibited from patronizing the ongoing Limited Voters Registration Exercise (LVRE).

The Volta Regional Minister, Ms Helen Adjoa Ntoso, who was at the Ho-West and South-Dayi Districts during the same time Ghana News Agency visited the centre among other registration centres in Ho emerged these impressions.

The LVRE is open to Ghanaians who have attained the minimum voting age of 18 years or Ghanaians who were more than 18 years, but could not be registered at the last registration exercise.

Any such person must prove his or her eligibility by tendering a Ghanaian Citizenship Identity Card or Driving License or Birth Certificate or Passport or Baptismal Certificate or attested to by guarantors.

Deputy District Supervisor of Ho-West District, Mr Sampson Yekple told the GNA that the turn-out did not necessarily have to be massive since the exercise was a window of opportunity for the limited number of newly qualified voters.

The Ho-West District Assembly’s Assemblyman, Mr Charles Gbagbo told Ms Ntoso at the Vane Registration Centre that many of those who qualified might not be motivated to travel from their communities to come to Vane to register.

Mr Gbagbo said trekking from Biakpa, Old Dzorkpe, New Dzorkpe and Tave-Bunya to register at Fume might also be a bother to many of those who qualified to register.

Likewise would it be for those from Gbadzeme who would have to come to Amedzofe to register and from Dzogbefeme and its environs to go over to Vane to register.

Mr Gbagbo said the cost of getting guarantors to accompany eligible patrons to Registration Centres was another issue that could prove difficult for those who might wish to register.

The Registration Officer at the Vane Community Centre, Mr Jacob Komla Adzei said 12 people were registered on Monday, the first day of the registration exercise, five on Tuesday and two by noon on Wednesday.

Also at Amedzofe, only two people were registered on Monday, three on Tuesday and seven by noon on Wednesday; at Peki-Blengo, 11 people were registered on Monday, 12 on Tuesday and five by 1300hrs on Wednesday.

The Registration Officer, Mr Gabriel Akoto attributed the low turn-out to lack of publicity about the exercise, “people were being informed about the exercise at funerals and in churches.”

At Peki-Wudome, Ms Pearl Appiah said eight people were registered on Monday, two on Tuesday and three by 1400 hours on Wednesday; at Dzolokpuita, nine people were registered on Monday, another nine people on Tuesday and five by noon on Wednesday.

Registration Officer at the Regional Museum Registration Centre in Ho, Mr John Ahiadzo, appealed to local FM Radio stations in Ho to give priority to informing and educating the public about the exercise.

“There would be no need to extend the 10-day exercise and to work in any capacity to ensure the success of the LVRE was a national duty,” he said.

Mr Ahiadzo indicated that four people were registered on Monday while 16 and 13 people each were registered on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Source: GNA
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