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We pay for nude scenes - Frank Gharbin

In every industry the world over, there are secrets that are employed in making the industry better one, and the movie industry is no exception. There are several secrets in the movie industry that are known by few people and especially those who work in such areas.

The Ghanaian movie industry also has its secrets but fortunately or, unfortunately, one of the awards winning directors has revealed this secret to all including those who are not supposed to know such secrets.

Frank Fiifi Gharbin is a decorated movie director and is well-known with Akan productions, and he is currently the most sought after director in Kumasi.

At the time, some people were blaming movie directors for wrongdoing; he came out strongly and refuted such allegations adding that the executive producers are rather be blamed because they do not provide the right finances for the correct logistics to be used to achieve perfection.

This time, he is defending the act of shooting nude scenes, and this is what he told Flex newspaper in an interview some weeks back.

“The secret is that we shoot nude scenes but it is not all the time that the known actors used in the movies were the people who shot the nude scenes. If a particular scene is too hot for the star, what we do is to go for some actors who will be ready to go to the extent of the nudity we are looking for.

We pay them money to do this job, and that has been the norm anytime nude scenes are in contention. If you remember, during the days of Komfo Anokye, there were some issues of Agya Koo shooting nude scenes," he affirmed.

"Those scenes were shot by somebody else and not Agya Koo, and the same act happens in most cases with actresses in nude scenes” Frank Gharbin made this same statement on Capital TV as well.

In another development, Frank Fiifi Gharbin has descended on critics of Kumawood movies adding that such people do not know anything about the movie industry, but they enjoy criticizing their works.

Read some of the vibes he put out “The reason I don't take critics of Kumawood serious is that the only way they can open their big mouth and speak on any platform is to say only bad and negative about our movies as if there is nothing good at all about our industry.

You must criticize constructively. You can start by saying a few good things and then go to the negative ones. Example, Kumawood filmmakers are doing their best, but I think their best is not enough. Their story lines are great and original. Most of their stars are not educated but very creative.

However, the industry is confronted with a lot of challenges such as A, B, C and so on. This is what discussion is about. You don't just start a discussion and go straight to the point, after pointing out the problems.

Mr. I know all, try and suggest ways of solving them. If you do this, I will respect your opinions. Until then, better shut your big mouths up because you have done nothing in your small ways to improve the industry than just talking for talking sake” he said in a separate interview with Flex newspaper.

Source: Flex Newspaper
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