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Lawyer elaborates on Castro's Saga-jokes & Lord Kenya's order

A lawyer and intellectual property expert John Assan Benson has spoken to Flex newspaper on Friday 1st August, 2014 and has thrown lighter on intellectual property of creative artistes. He defined this property as any creation from one's mind.

He addressed various issues in the industries such are Lord Kenya's attempt to get all his songs out of play or out of public reach and also whether or not Castro can be sued for causing fear and panic if he is found or appears.

On Lord Kenya's issue, Lawyer Benson made it clear that he doesn't have any right whatsoever to deny the public from gaining access to his songs because he is now an evangelist and doesn't want to be associated with his past.

“I think his attempt is a wild goose chase,” the lawyer stated that Lord Kenya cannot tell people to stop playing his songs because he has changed.

There are two people involved with music such as producers, sound engineers and a host of others and importantly the public who patronize the music. Hence, Lord Kenya is not fair to these persons.

“If he has changed, he should have a new image rather than trying to deprive people of what they deserve to have," he stated.

On a rather serious but comical note, Lawyer Benson stated that Castro if he should resurface or appear on no circumstance can he be charged, sued or chastised on grounds that his disappearance was not a deliberate action.

Castro's situation is rather a disheartening one and on his appearance should be celebrated and not prosecuted (if only he did not hide himself).

In conclusion, Lawyer Benson urged artistes and people in the industry to learn more about copyright laws and other legal stuff connected to the industry and how to use them appropriately.

Source: Flex Newspaper
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