General News of 2014-08-15

Leaders must back words with action – Lloyd Amoah

A Lecturer at the Ashesi University, Dr. Lloyd Amoah has criticized public officials and politicians for what he describes as a failure on their part to “back their talks with actions.”

Speaking on Eyewitness News, Dr. Amoah stated Ghana’s political leaders also lack the “necessary uprightness” to lead their citizenry.

He was speaking about the increase in the number of cholera cases being recorded in hospitals across the nation.

Some have attributed the outbreak of the disease in Accra to the AMA and government’s failure to improve sanitary conditions in the city.

Expressing concern about the outbreak of the disease, Mr. Amoah said that officials have also failed to set a good example by observing necessary hygiene practices for Ghanaians to follow.

He noted that all that government has done about the situation is to suggest painfully that the rest of the citizenry are sluggish, dirty, backward and primitive.

“Recently we had this scare of Cholera and I have been listening to public officials and officers and the tendency that they show in their narrative is to create a certain dichotomy of them and us. And in that kind of dichotomy that they create, they suggest very painfully and with utter disrespect that the rest of the citizenry are sluggish, we are dirty, we are backward, we are primitive and that it is on account of this that Cholera is killing the masses of our people.

“I have lived in this capital for the last thirty years and I have been to the Ministries and the public places and I know the state of these toilet facilities: no tissue, no soap to wash your hands across the Ministry. Public officers who will pay money to execute national policy will tell us that we are sluggish where in fact they do not keep their offices clean,” he said.

According to him, policies being introduced by government will not have any impact until its leadership is “marked with not only words but also deeds.”

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