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Kumawood movies improve with kick boxing & gun shots...

The story line of most of the Kumawood movies started around witches and cultural lifestyle in our family setting but due to strange reasons better known and understood by the producers and directors, the trend has changed drastically.
Interestingly, most patrons of Akan movies wanted a change of storylines from the witchcraft and wizard related subjects but it is too obvious that we did not expect to be shooting and kicking each other in an attempt of telling a story. To the amazement of all movie fanatics, our screens are now being inundated with action movies full of stunts and gun shots.
There are more questions than answers in this new development so Flex newspaper reporters called on one of the known producers who has been producing some of these action movies, and he had this to say.
Privately, he is known as Nimo Christopher but in the movie production business, he is called Ashbowa, and he happens to be the CEO of Ashbowa productions. His latest action movies include K20 and the yet to be released 2020.
“I can confidently say that it`s not the producers and the directors who decided just to get up one day to start action production. Our patrons wanted it so sometimes they approach us with questions like when are you guys going to give us some movies like the ones we have been watching from America.
So we contacted those who have the knowledge to do it, and now more and more producers are trying it, unlike the initial stages where it was only Ninja productions championing that cause” Ashbowa told Flex newspaper in a telephone interview last Monday.
“One objective of this kind of productions is to teach people about security issues. We have also realized that in this country so many people are being cheated by some criminals in ways that can be prevented but because we do not know how to defend ourselves, such people always go scot free. Our action movies are teaching people how to defend themselves” he noted.
How about the perception that those who are doing these stunts are criminals? “It is never true that the guys doing the stunts are criminals. They have trained for it, and they do it well to our amazement. Even if they are criminals, I still think it will help the movie industry because they will be seen on TV and would not like to be doing that again.
These are new faces who are doing their own thing, so there is nothing like competition in this. The known actors do not have the strength to be doing some of these stunts so we should allow them to be doing their Nigeria collaborations. They don't even have the stamina to be doing stunts so what else do you expect from them” he added.
Ashbowa as a producer feels that this is what the market is demanding, so they are also ready to do it for them. Meanwhile, whether his assertion is true or not is yet to be unraveled in no time as Flex newspaper reporters have promised to hit the market to start this survey.
Source: Flex Newspaper
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