Health News of 2014-08-18

Newmont, Project Care give to 4 hospitals

Project Care, a United States of America-based non-governmental organisation, in collaboration with Newmont Akyem, a mining company, has donated medical equipment to the New Abirem Government Hospital in the Eastern Region and three other health institutions at Afosu, Adausena and Ntronang.

The donation was to support and improve on the equipment at the health facilities. The New Abirem Government Hospital, which is the largest of the four institutions, was established a few years ago and has since been facing a number of challenges.

They include inadequate wards for patients, beds and other medical-related facilities.

Project Care has donated theatre tables, an anaesthesia machine, ECG diagnostic machine, operating room lights and a host of other surgical equipment and consumables to the hospitals - all at a cost of $400,000.

Newmont is constructing a surgical theatre for the New Abirem Hospital at a cost of GH¢369,000. Works on the project are expected to commence soon. This is in addition to the extensive infrastructural upgrade Newmont has undertaken at the hospital.

In 2011, the company constructed a male and female ward and a maternity ward for the New Abirem Hospital and also constructed bungalows for nurses and doctors. The company, furthermore, gave to the hospital a 265- KW standby generator and mechanised the hospital’s water system.

To date, Newmont Akyem Mine has spent a total of 1.7 million US dollars in support of healthcare delivery in its areas of operation in Akyem as part of its social investment efforts.

“Our core values as a company involves demonstrating leadership in matters of safety, stewardship of the environment and social responsibility. The gesture is therefore our demonstration of support for healthcare delivery in the district," said Mr Kevin Moxham, the General Manager of Newmont Akyem Mine.

He thanked Project Care for collaborating with Newmont. He expressed the hope that the inhabitants would take advantage of the new facilities and improve on their health.

The President of Project Care, Mr Douglas Jackson, said the support was a component of the organisation’s contribution to help change communities and the world.

He pledged to continue to work together with Newmont to change the face of the hospital.

The District Chief Executive for New Abirem, Mr Paul Aboagye Dadzie, urged the management of the hospital to put the equipment to good use and ensure they were maintained.

He further commended staff and management of the hospital and other health centres in the district for their effort at providing quality healthcare service for the people in spite of the challenges they faced.

Project Care was established in 1987. Today, it is the world's largest contributor of medical supplies to developing countries. It operates distribution centres in Colorado, Tennessee, Texas and Arizona, all in the United States, and receives donations of medical equipment from US hospitals and medical instrument manufacturers. Project Care works with hundreds of partners globally. Most of its donations go to assist communities that are severely under-resourced, so that medical practitioners in those areas could go about their duties without trouble.

The company has since 2011 constructed male, female and maternity wards, nurses and doctors bungalows. There is also the mechanisation of hospitals’ water systems and the provision of standby generators.

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