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Blakk Rasta to share stage with Tarrus Riley in USA

Blakk Rasta sets another record this Friday, August 22 in the USA as he shares the same stage with Tarrus Riley.

Blakk Rasta is billed to perform at the Brooklyn Museum as part of the 'Labor Day Carnival' which pulls a thick crowd of over 5 million.

Blakk Rasta brags about the concert in a Youtube endorsement video from the USA, “No African artiste has ever been booked for this concert and I am the first to play it just like I did in Canada at the JAMBANA Festival.

I am not like some joker Ghana musicians who come here to the USA to play cheap shows and go back deceiving Ghanaians."

He further said, "I am playing real concerts here in the Americas and I am proud to talk about it and represent Ghana and the continent with the unique African culture of which my style of music defines through dug, Reggae and Dancehall."

"This is the West Indian American festival, and I will be playing LIVE, at 8:00pm live I will be on stage with my band. We nuh stop till everybody jump to touch the roof. I am the original African Salaga Souljah,” he declared.

He performed with Coco Tea a week ago in Canada the JAMBANA Festival, which saw a massive audience of about 20,000 people.

The controversial Pan Africanist and Showbiz personality is on tour the Americas with his latest album titled 'Ancestral Moonsplash'.

“With the audience here, I've realized you would need a very danceable music, sizzling hot and African; something that sounds extremely different from what they hear around here then you can move the entire audience into the groove.

Charlie, it amazes me the ones who don’t understand the parts of my songs done in Ghanaian dialect are even jamming to my songs and dancing with sweats all over. These festivals have taught me a lot,” Blakk Rasta corroborated.

“More international festivals and promoters are contacting us and it is clear we would have extra bookings. Many thanks to the Ghanaian Ambassador to the USA, the Ghanaian Embassy as well as the American Embassy for paving the way,” he concluded.

Source: peacefmonline.com
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