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Some Ghanaian songwriters are lazy - Hammer

Award-winning sound engineer and music producer, Hammer of the Last Two has taken a swipe at songwriters in the country.
According to him, majority of Ghanaian songwriters are ignorant about the fact that the phenomenon of rhyming is not exclusive to rap music and dancehall and noted that such a situation is entirely unacceptable.
Hammer also stressed that whenever rhyming is not used in a song, it takes the poetry out of the song citing that it is only Edem, EL, Obrafour and a few other artistes who make use of rhyming in their songs.
He was of the view that most singers or songwriters for that matter, only write words and sing.
Da Hammer, who sounded so passionate about the need to make use of rhyming in songs by songwriters, revealed that Bob Marley, R Kelly and anyone else who is relevant in the history of songwriting and singing, doesn't have a single song with rhyming absent.
In registering his displeasure about the lack of rhyming in songs composed by Ghanaian songwriters, read below exactly what Hammer wrote on his facebook wall;

Da Hammer further revealed rhyming is not compulsory but noted that it is that element that makes a songwriter unique and different from the others.
According to him, any person can put words together to match the tune and that person could be referred to as a songwriter but what makes one songwriter unique and distinct from the others is the ability to inject poetry into a song by way of rhyming.
Source: Eben Narh Affum/ Flex Newspaper
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