General News of 2014-08-21

Confusion at Golden Tulip Hotel

There is raging pandemonium at the Golden Tulip hotel in Accra.

Hundreds of workers there are currently in a tussle with some management members over welfare issues.

In addition to accusations of nepotism and discrimination, the workers say the management is “collapsing and destroying” the hotel, which is partly owned by the Government of Ghana - 40 percent shares.

The aggrieved workers complained to that they are forced to work under very strenuous conditions due to "lack of logistics and poor salaries."

Led by the local union executives, the aggrieved workers drove out the management from the hotel on August 11, 2014, and has since denied them access into the facility.

In their attempt to gain entry today, the management members stormed the facility in the company of “private security men and Military Officers," according to union chair Henrietta Boakye, who spoke to

She said 10 security men attempted arresting some of their union executives, but were “over-powered."

The situation, according to Boakye, angered all the workers, who simultaneously stormed out of the facility and laid down their tools amidst noisy picketing in the hotel’s car park.

They have resolved not to work until the President intervenes in the matter.

They say they had earlier petitioned the president to intervene in the matter and so cancelled a planned a demonstration two weeks ago over the same welfare concerns.

The two parties are currently slugging it out at the hotel, a situation that has brought operations at the facility to a halt.

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