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No end in sight for Bulldog, Rudeboi friction?

Until the world comes to its end, many are the people who will forever seek the face of fellow beings to earn glory and many too will remain ignorant.
Likewise will long-standing beefs in the music industry especially the Dancehall realm end when some gurus in the music industry cease having chameleon tongues and let peace prevail.
Information reaching The Nancy Drew Narrators has revealed what many patrons of the showbiz industry do not know about the good relationship Shatta Wale and his former manager, Rudeboi Sterling are currently having considering their history.
Founder of Bullhaus Entertainment and manager of reigning 2014 VGMA Artiste of the Year, Shatta Wale, Bulldog alias Lawrence Asiamah Hanson is a suspect in squabbles surrounding Shatta Wale, that many find distasteful.
How Bulldog succeeded in luring Shatta Wale to accept and become his manager and how he solely owns the Bass Awards Concept, which was initially dubbed ‘Reggae/Dancehall Awards (RDA).
And finally, how the fight between Shatta Wale and his former manager, Rudeboi Sterling started off, casts a doubt on the end to problems facing the industry.
It came as no surprise to many when Bulldog openly denied ever taking off his shirt to hail Samini during any of his performances and trashing his now favorite artiste, Shatta Wale to the HGF artiste some years ago.
Sometimes, the balls and stones thrown against the wall; chooses to hang in the air until its analysis bounce back in our faces.
Of course, Shatta Wale apologized to his former manager Rudeboi Sterling even though they released ‘diss’ songs against each other with Rudeboi Sterling highly ignorant to what can be best described as plots to take over his post. But is Bulldog safe now?
The Narrator: Smart Bulldog and Naive Rudeboi Sterling
In 2012, after the launch date for the maiden edition of Bass Awards was announced on X95.1FM’s Dancehall Revolution hosted by Rudeboi Sterling, Bulldog took the opportunity to visit the concept owner with his camera.
Bulldog’s visit to Rudeboi Sterling was to gather his opinion about the pending Bass Awards which were aimed at rewarding Dancehall and Reggae artistes in the country including other industry gurus’ opinions on the pending maiden edition for the genre’s awards.
After riding on the smart but tough ways to own the awards and its concepts; Bulldog was confronted by Rudeboi upon realizing he (Bulldog) was advertising the event on social media, Facebook. Bulldog earlier pleaded to be a part of the organizers of the event and earned their trust, he indeed worked hard to own it solely.
According to information gathered, Bulldog as good a convincer as he is, was able to lead Rudeboi to get leading Jamaican Dancehall/Reggae artistes to endorse the maiden edition of Bass Awards in a TV commercial in 2012.
But unfortunately, for Rudeboi Sterling also known as Mr. Logic, the man whose record label, Stardom had groomed 50% of the Dancehall artistes awarded was sidelined.
He was made just a committee member instead of a partner and concept owner of the awards.
Well, just like the once-upon a time copyright issue about Ghana Music Week and GMW; that was same with Bass Awards that was initially dubbed ‘Reggae/Dancehall Awards (RDA).
The Naivety level of Rudeboi Sterling was indeed at its peak. Well, maybe he has learnt some lesson but has he indeed?
…ENTER Shatta Wale!
Do you remember Shatta Wale and what brought about the end of that beautifully built relationship between him and his longtime manager, Rudeboi?
Well, the info also stated that Bulldog had told Shatta that his then manager, Rudeboi was being offered Ghc 10,000 for his performance yet Rudeboi Sterling was refusing to mention the fee paid for Shatta’s performance, but Bulldog is said to have proposed to pay the now Dancehall king Ghc2000.00
The entire world heard about Shatta Wale and Rudeboi Sterling’s fight to the day they broke up as an artiste and manager especially after ‘The Joy FM Premises Saga’.
“Smart Bulldog, took advantage of the situation since he had long been in a management talk with Shatta Wale, saw his desire come to pass when he created the impression that Rudeboi was a ‘red-eyed money lover’.”
Unfortunately, as at when the world thought Rudeboi and Wale had gone their separate ways; his former manager had invited Bulldog to join the ‘rude’ team and Stip of Solid Multimedia to assist in the production and shooting of ‘Dancehall King’ video.
Bulldog proved himself worthy as Shatta’s manager when some guys were sent after Kwaw Kese and his manager for stepping on a flag that had inscription ‘VIP’ during ‘Night with the Stars’, a show organized by Joy Fm.
During that same time, preparations were being made towards the maiden edition of Bass Awards that now appears to be the concept of Bulldog.
These among other circumstances paved way for Bulldog to become Shatta Wale’s manager since Rudeboi chose to stick to the naivety realm.
Will Shatta Wale disappoint Bulldog in few months to come?
Is there really any form of communication between the two ‘rude’ men who Ghanaians perceive at war?
With the audio and visuals to Bulldog’s smart move to spearhead Dancehall/Reggae awards and work with Shatta Wale, will the good Shatta and Rudeboi’s good relationship affect Bulldog?
Will the yet-to-be released latest song affect the wonderful relationship between the 2014 VGMA artiste of the year and his smart manager?
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Source: Ama Larbie - GhanaWeb
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