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Ded Buddy, others readies for RnB Tertiary Tour in Ghana

RnB is a genre of music that speaks to the heart, soul and the body as well. It generates sentiments and serves as a heart winning formula.

This genre of music takes one away from the loud noise and beats by relaxing the mind and causing one to become emotionally inclined.

Sometimes even people termed as stiff or difficult to impress fall under the spell of R&B depending on how well an artiste does in making his or her songs create a lasting impression.

Having a renowned RnB artiste in the studio of Pluzz 89.9FM on AM Pluzz made the issue about the position of RnB music easy to dissect. Ded Buddy, currently known as Qweci said that R&B is currently gaining less airplay and was very bitter about this.

He stated emphatically that he and some musicians in that genre are doing their best in promoting their music. According to him, some of the artistes have gone as far as gaining airplay in certain foreign countries.

He made an instance where one of his songs topped the charts in Mexico, and he even had to make an English rendition just to make them enjoy the tune more.

Qweci also admitted that RnB artistes are reluctant to come out with shows, events and gatherings that would help in their progression.

He did not also deny the fact that they do not feature each other on their songs often, and the bond between them is weak.

After accepting all the criticisms and admitting that they the artistes should be chastised partly for the gradual fading of RnB from the airwaves, Qweci also stated that support from other industry players in promoting RnB is not well done.

To him it`s only their fans who support them, and it's difficult to get the attention of Ghanaians with the turnout of music in Ghana.

He also hinted of an upcoming tertiary tour which will be put together by some RnB artistes in the country including Jon Germain, Chemphe, Chase and many more.

The tour will see the artistes visiting all the major tertiary institutions in the country and giving them good music.

Source: Flex Newspaper
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