Crime & Punishment of 2014-08-22

Police grab fake soldier

A 20-year-old man is being held by the police for allegedly parading himself as an officer of the Ghana Armed Forces and defrauding people on the pretext of getting them enlisted into the Ghana Armed Forces.

The suspect, Michael Kwame Aboagye, claimed he was called Sergeant Michael Asante and could help enlist people into the Ghana Armed Forces for a fee.

He is said to have given his victims enlistment letters on Ghana Armed Forces letterhead indicating that they had qualified to be enlisted into the security agency.


The letters, bearing six signatures, including that of a Field Marshal and regional minister, indicated that the unsuspecting victims were to report on August 4, 2014 at the El Wak Sports Stadium in Accra.

According to the fake enlistment letter, the training was to end on March 2, 2015 after which a passing-out ceremony was to be held at the Burma Camp.

The letters, however, contained a caution to recipients not to show the copy to any “force man because they would take it and sell it to other persons. If you are caught showing it, out of bounds.”

Recipients of the letters, who were taken through three days’ intensive military training on a playground at Weija in Accra, were also given training prospectors, spelling out the list of items they needed for their training.

The prospectors categorised the items needed for ground work, class, church service and another titled “dicpation for training.”

Items needed for the “dicpation for training,” included boots, white and black tops, an electric iron, a machete, plain white cloth and notebooks.

Victims report to police

Briefing the Daily Graphic, the Dansoman Divisional Crime Officer, Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), Mr Godfred Ferdinand Amengor, said two persons reported to the police, claiming that they had paid money to the suspect for their enlistment into the Ghana Armed Forces.

He said the complainants, who were both students, alleged that the monies were paid in June, 2014 as a processing fee.

The two paid a total sum of GH¢2,100 — one of them paid GH¢1,200 while the other parted with GH¢900.

“After paying the money, the suspect took them through three days intensive training and then vanished into thin air,” Mr Amengor said, adding that when the complainants reported for duty, as indicated by their enlistment letters, they found out that they had been duped.

Mr Amengor said the victims identified Aboagye when another case was reported against him at the Dansoman Police Station in Accra.

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