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Meet the GH Female rappers

The Ghanaian music scene has been criticised for the lack of female rappers and this perceived “drought” is perhaps what pushed Tema based music producer, Mix Masta Garzy to put out the mixtape GH Female Cypher.
The song, recorded by Mix Masta Garzy and released last Friday, features not one, not two, not three but eight relatively known female rappers in the country.
The young ladies who lent their voices on GH Female Cypher are Abena, Esbee, Porsche, Eyirap, X Cot, Mila, Scrach and Eno.
Recorded over a ‘hard’ instrumental beat, the rappers take their turn to prove their rap skills on the song. Abena gives some punchy rhyming on the song.
She raps on the need for people to give female rappers the opportunity to prove their skills and thanked Mix Masta Garzy for conceiving idea to the bring together the “best of the best” to deliver on the song.
The rest, Esbee, Porsche, Eyirap, Scrach and Mila also rap about the many issues affecting the music industry. Even though the ladies exhibit some ‘friendly rivalry’ on who is the best among them, Mila also known as The “Zongo Girl” rather takes the “friendly rivalry” to another level.
Her rather uncouth and derogatory choice of words on the song was uncalled for. But Mix Masta Garzy came to her defense when Showbiz interviewed him on Monday.
“This is rap music and not a gospel song. This kind of music just like hiphop gives people the opportunity to prove why they think they are the best in the game.
That is exactly what Mila sought to do. The other ladies understand it so I don’t think that it should be a point of distraction,” he said.
Talking about why he came out with this project, he said, “ it was to “quench the thirst of not hearing female voices on rap music. I released 2MG Mixtape Vol 1 for the guys early this year and thought it was only fair to give the ladies the same opportunity and I’m happy about the finished product,” he added.
In an interview with Kumasi based female rapper, Eno, who also featured on the mixtape, she expressed her delight at what she said was the “birth of great female rappers."
She said that they had been overshadowed for long and this was their time to shine and getting the opportunity to be featured on the song was just the right platform.

Source: graphic.com.gh
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