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"Invest in developing our writing skills"

Many contemporary artistes in Ghana have always depended on great beats and instrumentals to produce hit songs, but Hiplife artiste, Choirmaster, believes that Ghanaian artistes should also invest in developing their writing skills.

He said that was one of the surest ways to rub shoulders with other artistes on the international music scene as the composition of songs notably, its lyrics, play an important role in music.

“I have always been a crusader for great lyrics and my colleagues I worked with in the Praye group know I am a very good writer. I just don’t put anything in my song.

I am very concerned about lyrics so developing my writing skills has always been a passion. That is not to say that having great beats or instrumentals to complement the songs should be disregarded.

No. My only stand is that, my colleagues and I should always tell a story with our songs. That is the writing skills I’m talking about,” he told Showbiz last week Thursday.

Choirmaster’s Ghana’s Most Beautiful song is officially being used as the theme song for TV3’s Ghana’s Most Beautiful pageant, and he proudly talks about how the song has been accepted by the public within its short period of release.

He said it was the content and more importantly; the lyrics that project the beauty of the Ghanaian woman that he was sure convinced the organisers to choose a song for this year’s event.

Choirmaster said that even though he didn’t want to blow his own horn as a good writer, his works in the past and recent times speak volumes of his writing abilities as one of the best writers in the industry.

Currently, he is promoting two of his singles, Saved By Grace and Pull Him Down which he launched on his birthday, July 26, 2014.

Pull Him Down which is delivered in the mid-tempo vein talks about how some elements in the industry do not want the progress of others and “warns” them to stay off him since his story is a success one.

He however takes on a religious path on Saved By Grace where he sings about how God has brought him this far despite the difficult times he encountered at the initial stages of his career. He encourages others to wear “the never give up” coat to stand challenges when they crop up.

To buttress his point with support from the scriptures, Choirmaster quotes Isaiah 12:8 but interestingly, the chapter 12 of the book of Isaiah ends at verse 6.

This was his response when asked about it. “This is part of the writing skills I’m talking about. Let people raise questions in your songs when they listen to them. It is part of the creativity,” he said.

Source: graphic.com.gh
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