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The Earth- a Masterpiece of Allah's Intricate Ingenuity

"All praise is[due] to Allah, who created the heavens and earth and made the darkness and light. Then those who disbelieve equate[others] with their Lord[the creator!]." --- Qur'an 6:1 Since the dawn of creation, Allah's Throne was situated on top of water, and when He wanted to create His creatures, he extracted smoke from water, and it was raised on top of the water and named it the heaven. After the big bang event, where the earth and all other heavily bodies were fragmented from one piece, which included the sun, the moon etc, He then sent down heavy and torrential rain fall to cool it[the earth] for thousands of years, in order to suite our ability to cope with its severe and scorching temperature, having emanated from the sun. In a hadith reported by Abi Hurairah and narrated by Imam Muslim, The prophet [PBUH] said: "Allah created the sand [on earth] on Saturday, the mountains on Sunday, the threes on Monday, misfortune and mishap on Tuesday, the light on Wednesday, created and spread beasts and animals on Thursday and finally created Adam[first man on earth] on Friday, at the last hour, between Asr and Magrib prayer. He then dried the water and made it as one earth and then expanded it in the form of seven earths(deep inside) in one. This according to historians was done in two days, Sunday and Monday. This water constitute seventy percent, while the land mass was made up of about 30 percent. They further indicated that, Allah created mountains and all beneficial things in them on Tuesday. Then on Wednesday, He created the threes and the seventh heavens and earth's atmosphere as well in two days-Thursday and Friday. And Friday was referred to Juma'a because Allah's created heavens and earth on this day. And He gave each layer of the heaven its command[Qur'an chapter 41 verse 11-12]. Each level of the heaven has its own angels, its water body and mountains and many other unseen creatures[aliens and UFOs(Unidentifiable Flying Objects)] that he made hidden to mankind. He then beautify the heavenly skies with planets, stars and metriots that protect and guide humankind. There are many evidence from the Qur'an that indicates that, Allah created more than one worlds or planets. One of them is located in the very first chapter and first verse of the Qur'an- suratul fatiha, or the open chapter that says: "Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds." Fourteen centuries ago, the human mind was incapable of any sound thinking about the earth, the solar system or the galaxies. Yet, the very first verse of the Qur'an states that Allah is the Lord of the worlds, testifying to the presence of worlds beyond the earth. In fact, the words "the Lord of the Worlds" appears in the Qur'an a total of 73 times. Today, mankind knows for the fact that there are other planets besides the earth. This knowledge was gained only through the invention of telescopes and other scientific developments. But the Almighty Creator[Allah] revealed this knowledge to His Prophet Muhammad[PBUH] long before man invented the telescope and other similar instruments. Regarding the seven folds of the heavens, Allah says in Qur'an chapter 2 verse 29 that: "It is He[Allah] who created seven heavens, one above the other." This verse and similar ones have been mysteries even for men of science. A Turkish astrophysics, Dr. Haluk Baki has recently explained these on the basis of the recent advancements in the field of astrophysics. He has shown that the space surrounding our earth consists of the following seven concentric magnetic layers: 1- The spatial filed associated with the solar system represents the first heaven. 2- The magnetic field surrounding the Milky Way has just been discovered. This spatial field of our galaxy represents the second seven. 3- The Spatial field of 'Local Cluster' of galaxies represents the third heaven. 4- The Central magnetic field of the universe represented by the collection of galaxies represents the fourth heaven. 5- The cosmic band represented by quasars represents the fifth heaven. 6- The field of expanding universe represents the sixth heaven. 7- The outermost field representing the limitless infinities of the universe represents the seventh heaven. These layers of heavens involve unimaginable distances. The first layer of the heaven is approximately 6.5 trillion kilometers in thickness. The second layer i.e. the diameter of our galaxy is 130 thousand light years. The third layer spans 2 million light years. The fourth layer is 100 million light years in its diameter. The fifth heaven is at a distance of 1 billion light years. The sixth is at a distance of 20 billion light years. Needless to say that the seventh heaven lies beyond infinity. One could recall that, I mentioned in the first series last week, the prophet revealed that the distance between one layer of the heaven to another takes a journey of 500 years. One might see this as a contradiction. But it is never a controversy, because remember the Universe itself is not stationary and static, but it is constantly dynamic and expanding as Allah himself says in Qur'an chapter 51 verse 47 that: "With Might did We[Allah] construct the heaven, verily We are continuously expanding it." So it presupposes that, the 500 years distance the prophet mentioned over 1400 years might have been stretched wider, given the long period in between 1400 years and 21st century. Because this scientific discovery revealed above by the Turkish astrophysics, Dr. Haluk Baki is more of a recent time phenomenon. And remember what I quoted from Eddington last week, who said: " According to an estimate by every 1300 million years, all distances in the Universe are doubled." So no one would justifiably see what the prophet said regarding the distance in between a layer of the heaven to the next as a contradiction, he was divinely inspired and we just need to be smart to connect the dots. Furthermore, the Qur'an discusses four stages of the development of the earth as Allah states in Qur'an 41 verse 10: "And He Allah set on[the earth] mountains firmly set over its surface, and bestowed [His] blessings on the earth, And determined there in its sustenance [and creatures] in Four balanced period[according to the requirements], for [information of those] who ask." The present day geologists divide the history of the earth into four major areas as follows: 1- Pre-Cambrian Era: from 600 to 3300 million years. During this era, the earth evolved from its original mass[the universe], and became a separate planetary body. This era ended when life became abundant and diversified. 2- Paleozoic era: From 230 to 600 million years. This is the first land vegetation, amphibians, and reptiles appeared in this era. This is the era of ancient life. 3- Mesozoic era: from 63 to 230 million years. This regarded as the era of middle life. Plants became better adjusted to seasonal change. Vertebrates, mammals and birds also appeared in this era and the dinosaurs became abundant. 4- Cenozoic era: Recent to 63 million years. This era contains the present phase of life. This division of the geological history of the earth into four eras is not haphazard or random, but is based on the breaks in the sequence of deposition of physical sediments. These eras are universally accepted as the basis of the world wide correlations. They represent the record of development of animal and plant life, and also drifting of continents and the appearance of oceans and mountains. It is probably about these four eras that the Qur'an states: "And He[Allah]…determined there in its sustenance in four balanced periods." The earth is 70 percent water and 30 percent land mass. It travels through space at a speed of around 66,000 miles per hour. The coldest temperature ever recorded on earth was 128.6 degrees Fahrenheit below zero in Antarctica. Earth is the fifth largest planet in our solar system, and is thought to be about 4 and 5 billion years old. While it is about 93 million miles away from the sun, the highest point on earth is Mt. Everest at about 29,028 feet above sea level. The lowest point is the "Dead Sea" at about 1,302 feet below sea level, where Allah destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, the people of prophet Lute. The Qur'an mentions this in chapter 15 verses 72 to 77. And Geographers have now discovered that these cities are situated on a highroad from Makkah to Syria-south of the "Dead Sea". Regarding other creatures on earth, according to Ibn Abbass: "Allah created the threes on Wednesday, the birds, lions and other species of animals on Thursday." Rabi'a Bun Anas also said; "Allah created the angels on Wednesday and created the jinn[demons] on Thursday." And the night was created before the day. It is estimated that since Adam's creation, the world is over 7000 years now. And Ka'abah, according to Abu Hurairah was the first house Allah built about 2000 years, and there were two angels surrounding it, making tasbeeh[invocation] to Allah, day and night. In a hadith narrated by Imam Ahmad, which was reported by Abi Hurairah, he said: "We were once sitting with the Prophet[PBUH] and he ask: Do you know what is beneath you? We said: It is only Allah and His messenger who know! He said: The earth! He said: Do you know what is under it? We said: It is only Allah and His messenger who know! He is: There other earths beneath it! He said: Do you know the distance between each one of them? They said it is only Allah and his messenger who know! He said: It takes a journey of 700 years until you reach the last part of the seven sections of the earth. He then said: May Allah forbid! If you were to lead one of you[brothers] to the lowest section of this earth, he would get drown[without getting rescued]!" In another narration by Imam Ahmad, on the authority of Malik Ibn Anas, who said: The prophet[PBUH] said: "When Allah created the earth, it began to shake, He then created the mountains and threw them on top of it[earth] and it suddenly stabilized. The angels having been amazed by what the mountains could do asked Allah: O Lord!: Is there anything stronger than the mountains? He said: Yes, the iron! They asked again: O Lord! is there anything stronger than the iron? He said: Yes, the fire! They further said: O Lord! Is there anything stronger than the fire? He said: Yes, the wind! The asked again: O Lord! is there anything stronger than the wind? He said: Yes, the son of Adam[a man], who gives charity sincerely, to the extent that, his left hand would never see what his right hand gives[by implication, giving for the sake of Allah, without seeking publicity makes man spiritually stronger in the sight of Allah]. Regarding the creation of the mountains, many experts[in the field of geology] recorded the number of mountains on earth, from all part of it, both west and east, and they revealed their heights and lengths, colors etc. As Allah says in Qur'an chapter 35 verse 27 that: "…And in the mountains are[judad] tracts, white and red of varying shades and[some] extremely black." Commenting on this verse in his Tafsir[Qur'anic Exegesis], Ibn Abbass said, judad means, tracts, paths and roads. And this means all the mountains Allah created on the entire earth supposed to be different from one another in terms sizes, lengths and colors. And to serve us places to curve out roads and highways for human transportation. Allah also created majarah[galaxy or Milky way] and qausi quzah[rainbow]. According to Abu Qasim Altabarani, Saeedu Bun Jubair reported from Ibn Abass that, once Hiraqal,[Heracles] the king of Rome wrote to Mu'awiyah[once Khalifah of the prophet] and said if there remains some few things[knowledge] among them as part of the prophecy, then he should be able to answer me upon what I am going to ask him. Then he wrote to him asking him about the[majarah] galaxy and [qausi quzah] rainbow and a spot, where the sun rays reach or shine for only one hour? He said: When Mu'awiyah received the questions he said: I need to make reference in order to answer your question. He[Mu'awiyah] then sent the person to Ibn Abbass who answered the questions as follows: "Verily, the rainbow is a security for people against drowning on their boats or any sea vessel, and the galaxy is a gate in the heaven that the earth split or got fragmented from[since the era of Big Bang], but regarding a spot that the sun rays reach for only one hour, it is the sea that children of Israel were rescued from[the red sea], when Allah rescued Musah and his followers, from the Fir'uan or Pharos in Egypt. Regarding the angels, Allah created them to serve Him constantly, for many years before he created Adam[father of mankind]. He created them from light, they do not have same feelings that we do have. In a hadith reported by Imam Muslim, who narrated on the authority of Aisha who said, the prophet[PBUH] said: "Allah created the angels from light, and created jinn or demons from fire…" And Imam Hassanul Basari said; "Iblees or Satan was not part of the angels even with a blink of an eye." And Abdallah Bun Amru and Shaharu Bun Haushib said; "He [Satan] was part of the demons, when they caused destruction[for over 2000 years] on earth[by shedding blood], Allah sent upon them a group of angels as soldiers to kill them and carry their bodies to a far ocean waters. Angels have different kinds, numbers and sizes of wings, but the prophet[PBUH] was reported to have revealed in one hadith narrated by Abdallah Bun Mas'ud and compiled by Bukhari that, "When he [the prophet] and angel Gabriel were on their ascension journey to the throne of Allah[Israe wal m'eraj], by virtue of the wide expanse of the universal firmament, he was able to count 600 hundred wings of Gabriel." Hence, one could easily deduce that, if Gabriel alone should have 600 wings, then how much more the rest of the millions of those angels who descend on earth with Gabriel would have? For them, they were created to be in a persistent and perpetual service to Allah. In a hadith narrated by Jabir Bun Abdallah, the prophet[PBUH] said: "There is no a foot spot, a span of hand or a space as small as a palm in the entire seven heavens unless there is an angel standing[in prayer posture], or in prostration[position] or bending[rukuh]." And on the Day of Judgment, they will all say: "[O Lord!] we have never worship you as you supposed to be worshipped, but we never associated partners with you." In another hadith, Aliyu Bun Abi Talib was asked about "Biatil Ma'amoor" or "Celestial Ka'abah” and he answered saying: "It is a mosque in the seventh level of the heaven which is referred to us "Al-surrakh"[ like where angels are making invocation vocally on constant bases]. It could feet exactly on the top of Ka'abah in Makkah, when it is to be placed on it, and seventy thousand angels pray in it on daily bases and they would not return to it [after getting relieved by another group of angels] until the last day." These ahadith indicate that, there is no spot in the universe[heaven] without having angels busying themselves in worship and different forms of supplications and invocation to Allah, the Almighty! Some of them are standing and would not move or sit till the Day of Judgment, some of them are in prostration position and would not rise up till the Last Day, and some of them are in a bending position and would not move till the End of Time. Angels speak, they appear, disappear and reappear. They are emotional creatures. While angels may become visible by choice, our eyes are not constructed to see them ordinarily any more than we can see the dimensions of a nuclear field, the structure of atoms, or the electricity that flows through copper wiring…The history of all nations and cultures reveals at least some belief in angelic beings…Ancient Egyptians made the tombs of their dead more impregnable and lavish than their homes because they felt angels would visit there…Islamic scholars have proposed that at least two angels are assigned to each person: one angel records the good deeds and the other records the bad. In fact long before Islam arose, and even apart from contact with scripture, some religions taught the existence of angels..Today some hard-nose scientists lend credence to the scientific probability of the angels when they admit the likelihood of the unseen and invisible intelligence…Even they[angels] excel humankind in their knowledge…but however vast their knowledge is, we can be sure they are not omniscient. They do not know everything. They are not like God. Angels probably know things that we do not know about ourselves. And because they are ministering spirits, they will always use this knowledge for our good and not for evil purposes. In a day when few men can be trusted with secret information, it is comforting to know that angels will not divulge their secret knowledge to hurt us. Rather, they will use it for our good. Increasingly, our world is being made acutely aware of the existence of the occult and demonic powers. People pay attention as never before to sensational headlines, promoting films and books concerning the occult. They are[believers] grasping the eternal dimension of life, become conscious of the sinless angelic powers who are for real, and who associate with God Himself and administer His works on our behalf?” John Calvin of Institute of the Christian Religion buttressed this above point when he said. "The angels are the dispensers and administrators of the divine beneficence toward us; they regard our safety, undertake our defense solicitude that no evil befall us." Allah has said in the Qur'an[to paraphrase] that, verily the creations of heaven and earth are more complex and complicated[huge] that the creation of mankind, hence the rationale behind starting this series "From the Genesis-How Allah Created the Universe", and seconding it with "The Earth- a Masterpiece of Allah's Intricate Ingenuity". And since angels had an interesting incidents that happened between them and our first father Adam, and they had been assigned by Allah to be our 'watch dogs'- to constantly monitor our movements and activities[24/7], our third series next Friday will dwell on the history of Adam[May Allah be pleased with him], his relationship with the angels, how he was 'deported' or better still[lol] 'repatriated' from Paradise back on earth and how he began to reproduce his progeny, our earlier medieval ancestors that trickles down to all other prophets and messengers, some servants of Allah like Khidir and Zul-Qarnain, [possessor of two horns] some rebels of Allah, Like Satan and his deputy, Fir'aun, the people who slept and woke up after 309[Ashabul Qahaf]-The Companions of the Cave, until we reach the era of seal of all the prophet, Muhammad[PBUH], his [sahabah]companions and [tabi'een] next generations after until present. HusseiniYushau BabalWaiz, is the Research & Outreach Coordinator at the Center for Media & Peace Initiatives Inc. New York, Author of three books, including "Islam Promotes Tolerance & Prohibits Terrorism-Reviving the Islamic Advocacy of Mercy and Magnanimity to Mankind" & Tutor in Arabic & Islamic Studies in New York. NB: Folks, this is the second in the new series entitled: "Delving Deep Inside the Islamic Historic Memory Lane", which will be running for months or even years, aimed at showcasing the amazing historical phenomena that happened in the pre and post Islamic world. Inform your colleagues, families and friends to follow me on facebook [husseini baba alwaiz] and twitter[@babalwaiz], weekly. References: Al-Bidayah Wal-Nihayah [The Beginning & The End],by Abil Fadah, Imam Hafiz Ibn Kathir Al-Muntazeem-Fii Tareekhil Umam Wal-Mulook, [A book on the History of[medieval] Societies & Kingdoms] by, Abil Faraj, Abdul Rahman Bun Aliyi Bun Muhammad Ibnil Jawzi Angels-God's Secret Agents- By Bill Graham, a celebrated American clergy and author 160 Mysteries & Miracles of the Qur'an, by Dr. Mazhar Kazi Earth- by Melanie MichellSource: Hussein BabalWaiz
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