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NPP Canada Calls for Calm and Circumspection from All

August 21, 2014.

Recent events within the NPP leave much to be desired. And, NPP Canada is understandably very concerned about this development. What is needed first and foremost at this time, is for all Patriots to remain calm and be especially circumspect in their actions.

It is testing enough that the NPP Flagbearership contest is generating some heat of its own. Though not desirable, one can at least appreciate that such is the nature of a high stakes contest. What is clearly alarming in fact, however, is the present unflattering image of the NPP in the media, with National Officers taking turns at washing any dirty laundry in public and physical attacks being employed by thugs on some Executives, while they meet with the press. We especially ask of the Leadership of the NEC to take steps to ensure that internal matters are satisfactorily dealt with in-house and not in the media.

It did not seem possible a few short weeks ago that anything could take the headlines in the country away from the economic and financial mismanagement by the Mahama Administration, the unprecedented level of corruption in Ghana, the cholera outbreak, and the ever-present threat of the dreaded Ebola disease. That the NPP has achieved the unenviable feat of supplanting all of the above in the news headlines shows that we are doing some things terribly wrong.

NPP Canada does not seek to tell elected officials how they should go about their mandate. Neither does NPP Canada seek to ask elected Party officials to do anything differently than what the Party’s constitution and conventions call for. However, when administrative actions or inactions by any Executives bring the good name of the party into public ridicule so often, then clearly it is time to change tactic.

Accordingly, NPP Canada joins its voice with other well-meaning individuals and organizations in calling for calm from all NPP supporters in particular, and from all Ghanaians in general. We equally call for the utmost circumspection from the Party Executives and urge them to quickly move to restore confidence and trust in their administration and the Party, starting with compromises, respect and team-work as well as problem-solving in-house. We finally ask the Council of Elders to facilitate a resolution to the problems, with the Constitution as the guidepost.

We are confident that the NPP has the men and women, as well as the structures to resolve its internal difficulties and that of the nation. We have done it many times before and will do so again, as we show the nation why we are the most enduring and thriving political tradition by far.


Gilbert Adu Gyimah. Director of Communications. NPP Canada. Contact Info: nppcanada@outlook.com

Source: NPP Canada
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