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Akablay performs at Waka Waka Festival

Loud cheers and applause greeted Ghanaian guitarist, Akablay, when he performed alongside some Danish musicians, at the Waka Waka Festival in the Danish capital, Copenhagen.

With a dramatic blend of Kundum-flavoured highlife and Danish rhythms, the Ghanaian legend thrilled the audience with his musical prowess.

With Jesper Tychsen (saxophone), Anders Boldsen (keyboards), Christian Lemming (drums) and Ghanaian bassist Kojo Amissah, the group showcased a fresh and uplifting style which drew long cheers from the patrons.

Kundum highlife is a mix of various African rhythms, including Kundum from Ghana’s Western Region, with lilting highlife phrases. Akablay took the crowd by storm with his smooth playing and deft dance movements that truly livened up the festival atmosphere.

Organised by Shelby Production, Waka Waka Festival is an annual event initiated in 2011 to celebrate African culture in its diversity in Denmark. Including dance and fashion, it is held at the City Hall Square in Copenhagen and attracts about 3,000 guests each year.

In a related development, Akablay has created a highlife version of Sunshine Reggae, a popular composition by Danish electric duo Laid Back. The song was a big hit in Denmark and other parts of Europe in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

The duo says it is delighted by Akablay’s re-composition and a video clip is currently being worked on with saxophonist Jesper Tyschen, who shot scenes from Ghana early this year.

Source: graphic.com.gh
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