General News of 2014-08-25

Girl, 5, found dead in septic tank

A five-year-old nursery two pupil fell into a septic tank last Friday and died at Amanfrom near Amasaman in the Ga West Municipality in the Greater Accra Region.

The body of Miwell Ansomah, a pupil of Sunflower School, has since been removed from the septic tank (popularly known as manhole) which is still under construction.

After four hours of searching for the girl, who was fondly referred to as Angel by her parents and neighbours, a search party found the body floating in the septic tank, which was partly covered with concrete.

Three square openings on the top of the septic tank had been covered with Wawa boards; one of them was found broken and when the search party looked through that opening, the body was found.

It is suspected that the little girl was playing on the septic tank when she incidentally stepped on that wooden cover that had been nailed to the concrete, and it gave way.

The mother of the deceased, Beatrice Acheampomaa, 32, said she moved into the house nine-months-ago with her two children.

She said at about 9:30 am last Friday, she was eating with Angel in their one-storey unfenced house when the little girl started moving between her (mother’s) dressmaking shop located in front of the house and the living room.

“She would take her food and go out. She went to my shop and came back when the food she had was finished,” Acheampomaa said.

She said Angel went again and “shortly I had a visitor, so I attended to the person.”

The mother said when the visitor left and Angel had not returned, she attempted to look for her.

She said later during a search by her and some neighbours, Angel’s body was found floating in the manhole.

Acheampomaa said Angel was pronounced dead when taken to the hospital.

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