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No more adverts of Kumawood Movies on Accra-based radio stations?

In situations like this, one is likely to ask more questions than answers because the only solution one is looking for is where we went wrong as a people.

Again, the work of the media will once again be questioned since it is believed that it is not easy for a business entity to deliberately ignore the media and what their activities entail.

On record, Flex newspaper reporters have monitored low patronage of advertisement of Akan movies in Accra, and we see that as a disturbing factor at this time that we all need to put our hands on the desk to support the growth of the movie industry.

At a point on various Accra-based radio stations, one type of a commercial that inundated our airwaves were Part 1 & 2 with a cartoon voice supporting the real advertisement message.

At that same time Kwame Dzokoto, a popular television and radio personality became more famous because his voice was used for all the voice over which was used for the radio commercials.

It can be said that the average radio station enjoyed enough of the booty until recently that we seemed not to be hearing anything on Akan movies, therefore, the need to look out for answers.

To make matters clear, Flex newspaper spoke to the Public relations officer of the Film Producers Association of Ghana (FIPAG) Ola Michael, and he confirmed our fears in that regard.

Read what he told this paper when we called him on the phone last Monday. “Every business person knows his catchment area and his target market so the movie producers have also come to the realization that their market, geographically is changing to the hinterlands.

They are now having more and more people patronizing their movies in regions like the Brong Ahafo region, Ashanti region and Northern region so they seem to be paying more attention to advertising in those areas than in Accra.

They have recorded low sales in Accra over the months, and that alone is discouraging them from advertising on Accra radio” he told Flex newspaper in a telephone interview last Monday.

Should the media in Accra be blamed for this new development because we continuously castigate movies produced in our Akan language as being of low quality?

This is an exact situation of the adage “If a fetish priest calls doom to his village, he should not forget that he or she lives in the same village."

Source: Flex Newspaper
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