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David Oscar defends Ghanaian stars taking part in Ice Bucket Challenge

Comedian David Oscar has come to the defense of his fellow Ghanaian celebrities who are taking part in the #ALSicebucketchallenge.
Many people have taken to social media, bashing the celebrities for once again "copying blindly from the West" without paying attention to the weightier details of those acts.
Meanwhile, David, who took part in the challenge himself, said on an entertainment review program on Ghanaian-based radio station, Peace FM, that he did some research before deciding to take part.
“I did my research about the thing thought it was a worthy cause and took part in it even though I used warm water instead of some water filled with ice blocks. I thought that would be over-doing it considering our weather condition,” he said.
Celebrities like actress Joselyn Dumas and singer Irene Logan who are against the new craze taking over the Ghanaian entertainment community also took a swipe at their colleagues who are indulging in the challenge.
Having started in the United States of America, Joselyn expressed on her twitter page she believes the challenge would be better-left to the Westerners to do.
David thought there was a point in the public rage that followed their actions. “I agree sometimes we copy blindly. But for me I customized it. I made it an #EbolawarmbucketChallenge. I used mine to draw attention to what we are also facing here on our continent.”
He was however clueless, as to whether there was an organised platform through which donations can be made after one accepts the challenge as it is in the USA.
“As for the donation it is the Bill Gates and co who have the money and even if I wanted to donate I wouldn't know where to.”
Read what Joselyn Dumas said to her colleagues who could have even given the challenge some thought and modified it to address things happening in Ghana or Africa.

#ALSicebucketchallenge all good, but what are we doing about our own issues here in Africa? #cholera #Ebola #malaria... Good morning

— Joselyn Dumas (@Joselyn_Dumas) August 22, 2014
David Oscar also took part in the #ALSIcebucketchallenge and nominated Edem, Shatta wale, Christabel Ekeh and Joselyn Canfor-Dumas.
Source: starrfmonline.com
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