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“Acknowledge God in your relationship”

Highlife musician, Kumi Guitar has petitioned couples involved in relationships to acknowledge God in their bond.

The 2014 VGMA discovery of the year nominee advised that the two who have accepted to live together to seek the presence of the Lord in their relationship than fully focusing on themselves without paying attention the creator of love.

“Most of us don’t pray when we wake up in the morning but just pick up the phone and call our partner to check on them. If you learn the scriptures with your partner, you can prompt her when she goes contrary to the word of God since you read it together.

The bible states that be submissive to your husband so if you read such a quotation with your partner, she knows that already so you remind her of the quotation anytime she becomes arrogant ” Kumi Guitar told Abrantepa on Radio Univers.

Kumi Guitar who recently released 'Scriptures' which featured Kwabena Kwabena added that “the bible says the man has to provide for his home so anytime he proves stubborn with his duty even though he has money then you also remind him of that quote so as to bring harmony in the relationship.”

He revealed that God instilled the love in humans, but making use of it has become a problem for human beings, “It’s not that I’m a love doctor so I can treat a woman well. God gave everyone the power to love, but how you treat your partner will decide how she is going to react towards you.

One woman has been bad to a certain man, but that same woman is an angel to a different man. It all depends on how she feels for the man,” he indicated.

He further advised “you can order a lady to sit at a particular place and wait for years and she will do exactly that if she loves you but that same woman will not even wait for a minute if you plead with her to wait for few minutes when she doesn’t love you.”

Kumi Guitar hinted of releasing a new single soon.

Source: zionfelix.com
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