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The numerous awards schemes, for profit or industry development?

The numerous awards schemes organized; for profit or industry development? Flex Newspaper

It will never be surprising at this time to realize that one will lose count of all the awards schemes in Ghana currently.

It will not be surprising because more and more awards schemes seem to be entering our showbiz industry by the day despite the fact that enough of these awards schemes are also portraying signs of not being ready to deliver in quality and expertise.

From the past months, our entertainment industry has welcomed more awards schemes to add up to the sluggish existing ones. Some of the new award schemes which came up for discussion includes People`s Choice Awards, an awards scheme designed to honour some great men in the showbiz industry.

The organizers have told Flex newspaper before that they will be paying more attention to all the various disciplines in the showbiz industry including people who are even into sports.

Have you also heard about the Television Awards Ghana, which has the abbreviation (TAG). According to the organizers, their main objective is to reward people who have distinguished themselves in the world of television production.

Though this is the first time the awards will be held, they seem to have done enough to make sure there will be a clean delivery at the grand finale.

There is also another awards scheme called the Teen Choice Awards which is also set to reward youthful achievers in our country ranging from the academia to the arts industry.

Though this scheme is suffering from publicity, there are clear indications that the organizers are ready to make it work despite some petty issues surrounding it.

Mention can also be made of the Socrates Sarfo led Ghana Film Industry Awards, which will also seek to honour and reward hard working film personalities in the country including those who are on screen and those off screen.

This makes the movie industry the discipline with the highest awards scheme at the moment with prospects of even welcoming more in the days ahead of us. There is a reliable information about some two awards also coming up all in the name of the movie industry.

Have you read something about the Ghana Tertiary Awards too? That was also launched some few weeks back, and the organizers are doing everything possible to make sure they will win the students in the tertiary institutions in Ghana to accept the awards scheme which is expected to be held in December this year.

In all these awards schemes springing up day in and day out, one question that is begging for answers is whether the organizers are in for the profits to be accrued from organizing the awards or for the development of the showbiz industry.

One interesting revelation is the fact that all these awards organizers come with one slogan or the other that is far away from profit-making.

It is high time; the organizers come out clear to define their real intentions behind the awards because from afar, it is clear that some of the awards organizers are in for profits.

As much as the organizers need money to put together these events, there are no indications that most of them are in to sanitize the showbiz industry. Let`s use our award schemes to develop the arts industry instead of milking the little cash from corporate people who would want to pump some hard earned cash into the game.

We at Flex newspaper are watching and are ready to expose those who are not genuine whilst at the same time, will be willing to praise those who are in for the growth and development of the industry.

Source: Flex Newspaper
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