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Comment: Is Sarkodie pretending to love Shatta Wale?

Before you start reading this article, know that we at Qillaghana.blogspot.com are not in any way to tarnish the image of Sarkodie; instead this is our opinion that we would love to share with Ghanaians. Besides, everyone has the freedom to his or her opinion.
Well, as a media person and a passionate promoter of good music, I have been studying the best African Hip-hop artiste for this year and BET Award winner, Michael Owusu Addo, well-known as Sarkodie since he joined the industry.
His attitude, lifestyle, lyrical contents and above all, his musical strategy; for over some years now, I have come to the conclusion that Sarkodie is the most strategic artiste in Ghana. No wonder he’s been the master key of Ghanaian rap music for a long period even before the Dancehall commando, Shatta Wale came into the picture.
An investigation I conducted on Sarkodie proves particularly that he has a major reason behind his all of a sudden deep love for the leader of Shatta Movement, Shatta Wale, hence that the unknown reason to the public is why I think he’s pretending to appreciate and love Shatta Wale this much.
That ‘unknown’ Reason
Sarkodie started his music career in Tema, community 9 and as a studio rat; he used to move from one studio to the other with R2bees, Dr. Cryme, Stay Jay, Yaa Pono, and Yaw Siki and among other established artistes in Tema you know.
Frankly speaking, he got massive support from the Refuse to be broke Nation (R2Bees), which aided him to penetrate through the Ghanaian music industry with his first single, ‘Baby’ featuring Mugeez, a member of the music group. By then, R2bees were the talk of the town and the best musical group to be precise.
Few months after the release of Sarkodie’s first hit single, he dogged most of his Tema folks he started the musical journey with from the scratch and began rolling with the musical group, Skillions; E.L., Jay Soe, Joey B, Stargo, Jay Town, Scientific and the likes, until Bra Kevin, a member of the group then tremendously overthrew R2Bees with his hit song, ‘Three headed beast’.
Sarkodie got the chance to spread his lyrical vibes to some parts of West Africa when he featured E.L of Skillions, with his second hit song, ‘You go kill me’. After his second hit song, which derived the slogan, ‘You know say money no bi problem’, hardly would you hear any collaborations of Sarkodie with the artistes from Tema, especially, those he began his music career with.
This strategy made him an ungrateful and a hypocrite personality in the sight of most Artistes in Tema. Sarkodie, since then, had won a couple of awards and has been the mighty name we know, when it comes to rap and Ghanaian music in general before the Dancehall commando took over.
Apparently, Shatta Wale is the talk of the town in Ghana so who doesn’t know Shatta Wale? Even, my 2years old nephew can with no difficulties ‘rap’ most of his songs from A to Z. And all of sudden the fastest rapper is in love with the Dancehall commando.
What happened to R2bees and skillion? Hmmm! Just last year, Sarkodie did a mix-tape, which he attributed to ‘Shatta Wale’.
‘…Sha Shatta Wale! Huh! Sha Shatta Wale! Huh!..’ lyrics in the songs. Remember that song?
It didn’t end there; Sarkodie also managed to earn a feature on Shatta Wale’s ‘Dancehall Commando’ song after which the fastest rapper invited Shatta to his family house in Tema community nine just a few months ago.
Recently he released one of his latex songs which created a little misunderstanding between him and some section of the media, ‘Free Press’ after his new ‘lover’, Shatta Wale made a statement that, “Ghanaian media is the most foolish I’ve ever seen in my life.”
Now, here’s the paragraph where I share my Opinion.
Sarkodie has come to realize that; Shatta Wale is progressing in the music industry due to his negative deeds ; hence, there’s no day that you won’t read bad stories about him; today he diss Samini, tomorrow he insults Charter House, and it goes on and on. And will always go on because that’s Shatta wale’s strategy he normally uses to earn attention.
Now, if you’ve been following Sarkodie from Adam, you will realize that, the humble and calm Sarkodie we use to know has changed ever since he started mingling with the Dancehall Commando artiste.
I can boldly say that, all this while, Sarkodie has been faking to love Shatta Wale because, you and I know he’s not massively embraced and influential as he use be on the ghetto youth in Ashaiman, Fadama, Newtown, Nima, Zongo and most of the Islamic communities, ever since Shatta Wale took over the industry.
He is, therefore, pretending to love Shatta Wale just as he did to R2bees and Skillions to earn grounds and followers at the aforementioned Islamic areas and will soon ditch Shatta if he pulls out a hit song to win the Artiste of the year award for next year, 2015.
This has been Sarkodie’s smart strategy since Adam to maintain his position as the best artiste in Ghana. He gets close to you; he pretends to love you, learns a few strategies he can use in knowing your weakness about you, collaborate with you to gain a hit song and ditches you later on.
I know 60 percentage of Sarkodie’s diehard fans will raise an attack against me after reading this, thinking I hate him, but I’m a reporter and it’s my job to report what I’ve been investigating for some years now.
Now my advice to Sarkodie; he must know that some percentage of his fans love him because he’s calm and humble. Now, if he should convert his branding to that of Shatta Wale, who always creates misunderstanding between some artistes, the media and show organizers, he might lose some of his fans.
Already, his new song ‘Free Press’ has made him loose the respect he uses to earn from some section of the Ghanaian media.
As for Shatta Wale, I think Sarkodie is close to accomplishing his mission after earning his love because, Sarkodie’s new song ‘Inflation’ has caught the nation’s attention now, and I’m sure he will soon be sweeping awards with that great song.
Source: QillaGH (Kleef Phamily Media)
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