Religion of 2014-08-28

Don’t rely on anointing oil, water to deal with Ebola - Apostle Opoku Onyinah

President of the Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council (GPCC), Apostle Dr. Opoku Onyinah, has cautioned Ghanaians not to rely on Anointing Oil and Water for protection against the fast-spreading deadly Ebola virus since proper observation of sanitation is one of the core values God has instructed mankind to practice to stay healthy.

GPCC has however issued a directive to its 200 member-churches on steps to take to prevent any Ebola outbreak and Cholera among congregants.

According to Apostle Dr. Opoku-Onyinah, the current cholera outbreak has made it necessary to issue the directive.

“If the handling of the recent outbreak of cholera in the Greater Accra Region is anything to go by, then a comprehensive preventive approach to dealing with any potential outbreak of the Ebola Virus in Ghana is no longer an option, but an absolute necessity,” he emphasized.

Expatiating on the five-point directive, Dr. Opoku-Onyinah said member-churches that have 15,000 branches across the country are to minimize church or congregational practices that encourage body contact such as handshakes, hugging or embracing, exchange of communion cups and waving of handkerchiefs.

He stressed that churches have to regularly disinfect microphones and door handles before, during and after church services and also place sanitizing dispensers or handwashing dispensers at vantage points.

Debunking the point raised by many Charismatic men of God that Christians have the power to tread on snakes and scorpions and even drink poison; and so nothing will happen to them should they be infected with the Ebola Virus, Apostle Dr. Opoku-Onyinah, in an interview with Kwame Nkrumah Tikese on Okay Fm’s “Ade Akye Abia” Morning Show, pointed out that the same Bible also warns against putting God to test on something which is contrary to His teachings.

He added that the Word of God has been given to Christians for wisdom purposes and to make informed decisions; adding, “we don’t have to wait for people to die before we think of what to do right to prevent others from dying as well."

“What we are saying is that, our neighboring countries in Africa are suffering from the Ebola Virus and so good sanitation is the most important thing we need to practice seriously now to prevent the Ebola Virus as we are already suffering from cholera outbreak… We believe with the practice of proper hygiene, we can control the outbreak of sicknesses largely caused by filth…these preventive measures do not mean we are wavering in our faith in God, but observing proper sanitation is in the Bible, with God teaching mankind how to stay healthy; these measures are rather heightening our faith in God as we practice the teachings of God and we are also praying about the Ebola Virus, but wisdom and precaution are needed at this time...

"I want to advise that people should not rely on the anointed water for treatment because you should understand that it is not T.B Joshua or myself that will heal you of the sickness but it is God, according to His will; we should not trust in water and oil for miracles because they are only points of contact,” he admonished.

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