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Musicians to survive on movie soundtracks?

A good number of musicians in the capital city have confidently told Flex newspaper reporters that, they are looking for the opportunity to record songs to be used as movie soundtracks. Again, they are also ready to feature in the accompanying videos to get some attention including making some money.
This development is coming about because musicians of our time have realized that keeping your name and image in the industry is gradually becoming expensive and difficult to achieve by the day, so they have to be smart in looking for alternatives to make this happen.
Shooting a music video currently is very expensive as well as recording a song from a qualified studio.
All these need some good amount of cedis to achieve them so to work their ways out; the musicians have resorted to the recording of soundtracks and featuring in the videos. If not for nothing at all, Bisa K. Dei has opened our eyes to the fact that it is possible to make it to mainstream music business through the movie soundtracks.
Adu Patrick is one musician who has made it in the gospel music world with his ability to sing using the Nigerian language and accent. After being featured on the late Bro Philip`s “Montie” song and the success the song chalked, he has never relented in his efforts of producing similar songs that can blossom.
Nothing seems to be happening. These days, it is almost as if he has all the contract in shooting movie soundtracks for our Akan movie producers including one Betty and some new faces.
Take it or leave it, Adu Patrick is increasing his fame because he is always on the television screens dancing and telling stories about movies. Had it not been these soundtracks he has been doing lately, obviously his fame would have faded out completely, but thanks to his talent and producers, he is still in the face of his fans looking relevant.
It is in the wake of this development; that is why some musicians are knocking at the doors of Flex newspaper to look for opportunities to record movie soundtracks for producers.
Though this story might come across as betraying their confidence in us as a newspaper firm, we will do well not to disclose their names since some of them are prominent musicians who have enjoyed great hits in the country.
Is this development a clear sign of the doom`s day for our musicians? Keep your eyes on the road to see the first great musician who will be featured in a movie soundtrack as well as a video on television.
Source: Flex Newspaper
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