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OPINION: Sarkodie should sing about deadly Cholera and Ebola too!

As I have always said, Sarkodie just like any other Ghanaian, has the freedom of expression, and that is exactly what he exercised in the song titled 'Free Press'.
Not only did he share his opinions on the negative reportage and the 'pull him down' syndrome by the media with respective to the arts and creative industry but he has gone ahead to release another new song titled ‘’Inflation’’.
'Inflation' primarily talks about the hardships experienced by Ghanaians and the need for the country to the governed well with a call on the President of Ghana, President John Mahama, to ensure that solutions are provided for the 'sick' economy of Ghana.
With the release of these two songs, I have the impression that Sarkodie is getting matured; using his talent in music to speak on issues that have a bearing on national issues.
My only concern has to do with his choice of words which seem very insulting even though for him, it may just be some punchlines needed to be applauded.
I think with the release of 'Free Press' especially; Sarkodie has openly revealed how disrespectful and arrogant he is as an artiste. This also sparks off controversy as to whether we really have artiste managers or messengers in Ghana, but I would leave that discussion for another time.
In as much as Sarkodie has already released two songs on national issues, I am of the opinion that it should not end there. A visit to the Korle–Bu Teaching Hospital, as well as other health centres, would reveal that cholera is really killing hundreds of Ghana.
This is evident in the numerous news items on radio and tv. Cholera as a health issue has a direct effect on Ghanaians and national development as well.
Apart from cholera; there is so much brouhaha about the deadly virus Ebola. It’s reported that so many people are dying through Ebola in some African countries especially Nigeria, and it's feared that the deadly disease could find its way into the country (if not already) if care is not taken.
With Sarkodie’s new approach to music, I want to throw a challenge to him that if indeed he is concerned about the development of the country Ghana; then, as a matter of urgency, he should rush to the studio and record some songs on Cholera and Ebola to educate and sensitize Ghanaians on these diseases and especially how they can be prevented.
Shooting some music videos as well with 'nku' wouldn’t be a bad idea.
Issues that he raised in 'Free Press' and 'Inflation' are very important, but I believe the issues of Cholera and Ebola that are sending people to their graves prematurely should be treated with all the needed importance.
I understand Barima Sidney has released a song on Ebola, but a song, in my opinion is not enough.
I expect a song on Ebola and Cholera anytime soon from Sarkodie and evident of how disrespectful and arrogant he is or may have grown, he can decide to make use of some insulting words which may be 'punch lines' in his opinion. I rest my case.
Source: Flex Newspaper
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