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"Fear not, I’m still with you"

It has almost become the norm that musicians who assume music-related administrative duties in this country pull the brakes on their creative output, but Okyeame Kwame, who was recently appointed a member of a five-person interim GHAMRO Board, says he won’t follow that path.

Speaking with Showbiz last week, the 'Rap Doctor' allayed the fears of many of his fans that were addressed on the various social media platforms.

According to the man whose musical prowess has earned him a lot of respect in his field, he has put in what he said were 'strategic measures' to keep him relevant on the scene despite the many years of bringing to his fans what he loves to do most.

“I have noticed with great concern the messages my followers send to me on my social platforms especially since I was selected as part of the new GHAMRO Board. I know I have many administrative duties including the PRO of MUSIGA but just as I have been known for, my music aspect will not die.

“Besides, this GHAMRO job is just for a period of six months and we have been tasked to ensure the successful election of a new executive board. I don’t think lending six months of my time for such a worthy cause will affect me.

“Admittedly, these administrative duties take much of my time and the truth is that, I don’t make any financial gains from it but do it for the development of the music industry which we are all working at,” he said.

The 'Woso' rapper said that to make sure his music career doesn’t suffer from his 'benevolent' services, he has got many people on board his team at One Mic Entertainment to help him keep up with the pressure that comes with juggling his music related works and administrative duties.

His new song, 'It’s Your Time', which features Congolese singer, Lelo, was released last Friday. He said the title of the song is to depict the 'new dawn' of his career and that his career was not near the end as many of his fans feared.

After 15 years in the journey of Hiplife, Okyeame Kwame, who is reckoned to be one of the favourite artistes shared his secret with Showbiz. “To say that is has been an easy journey to get this far is just a boast.

There are bumpy and rough roads, but it takes determination, hard work, perseverance and appreciating that you have to use your talent rightly has been my medicine so far."

He praised the 'special' qualities of his manager/wife whose appreciable knowledge of show business he noted, has pushed him to stay relevant on the scene even after a decade.

Source: graphic.com.gh
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