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Dzamefe Shegey's Mocheem

Whiles Foh-Amoaning Lectures Journo's A Kumasi based sports presenter with Hello fm Samuel Joachim Moheem escaped contempt of court by a whisker on Thursday when he was sermon before the Presidential Commission of Inquiry into the Brazil 2014 World Cup for unsavory comments he made on his radio network concerning the Commission. Appearing in a black shirt which symbolizes sorrow in the Akan setting, Samuel was grilled by Justice Senyo Dzamefe and his lordship Moses Foh-Amoaning for making such a wicked and baseless comments on-air. Prior to the formal sittings of the Commission, the secretariat as part of it preparations decided to organize a seminar for sports journalists in other to equip them well in their way of reportage on its proceedings. But Samuel who did not attend the seminar for the northern sector which was held in Kumasi went on rampage on his air-waves to totally run down the commission saying that the commission has nothing to offer because to him, it's just a waste of the tax payer's money, 'Sika die3,' as it is popularly known in the local parlance. "Let's use this as an example. The Commissioner's are in Kumasi, they will sleep in maybe Golden Tulip Hotel, their feeding and other matters. Is not a waste of the tax payer's money,? Samuel was caught on tape angrily quizzing. "This Commission has no powers to invite the main characters like the GFA in this brawl which occurred in Brazil because FIFA has stated clearly that States should not meddle in the affairs of football matters so it will come to nothing at the end of the day," Samuel said. Sammy who was on fire on that particular day did not pay heed to the host of the programme who was trying very hard to expatiate the mandate of the Commission to his colleague. "Were you the one speaking on the CD?," Justice Dzamefe asked after the tape of the programmed had been played." "Yes my lord," Sammy replied. "My friend did I hear you say we slept in Kumasi? I was not in Kumasi in the first place and my colleagues here did not even slept in Kumasi so why would you go ahead to say we are just spending government money? "You think you can run down everybody in that small studio's of yours eh?, he asked. "Were you at the seminar yourself? - Moses Foh-Amoaning asked "No my lord" - Samuel answered. "So why did you go ahead to making such unsavory and intemperate language on radio when you don't even have the facts? - Foh Amoaning " I learnt you guys in Kumasi have an agenda where you can let say, pick on a particular person and deal with him your own way on radio and when you are asked why you did that then you say it's for the 'Shegey reason',. "I expect your managers to be checking you because you can't go on a radio to use any language. As a fourth estate of the realm I expect you to do better because you have the powers to put the other organs of government in check," Moses said. "You see some of you guys here are doing a wonderful job. I practiced broadcasting for fourty years so please let's go by the ethics of the profession," he added. "Ahhh!!!!!!! Shegey reason they call it eh,?" Justice Dzamefe asked. "So you go around insulting people and call it shegey reason? I'll also show you my shegey reason here and you will see your real size," he said. But Tweneboa Kodua, counsel for Sammy pleaded with the Commission to forgive his client because his client has shown remorse to the comments he made. The liaison officer for the Commission, Thomas Boakye Agyemang also pleaded on behalf of the whole sports journalists who were present at the sitting. "We decided to deal with him but the way I saw you guys raise up in solidarity I was heartbroken because I know most of you guys or else we would have dealt with him," Foh-Amoaning said. " We'll forgive you today because this is the first time but you'll not go free next time. But counsel, let him put it in writing and bring it here in our next sitting," Justice Senyo Dzamefe said.Source: El-Amisty Nobo/www.sports24gh.com
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