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GTP: The true Ghanaian Brand

Welcome to the colourful, design world of GTP, the name behind authentic and unique African prints. GTP has been at the forefront of influencing the Ghanaian fashion landscape and culture for decades.
GTP appreciates that people are different, but all are beautiful. GTP has therefore divided the Ghanaian market into four different segments. Each segment comes with unique designs and colours.
GTP Nustyle is for the young at heart, energetic, outgoing, expressive, light-hearted and fashionable personality. They are designed to make you look and feel colourful, lively and yet culturally in tune. GTP Nustyle comes in new, fresh, dynamic and vibrant designs and colours meant to satisfy the needs of this special group of consumers.
GTP Adepa fabrics are designed for the matured, stable and confident consumer with strong affinity for tradition. The Adepa range comes in classic, timeless, tasteful, and beautiful designs most of which have well know local names such ‘‘Ahene Pa Nkasa’’, ‘‘Obuo Fa’’, ‘‘Bonsu’’, ‘‘Okunu Pa’’, ‘‘Obaa Pa’’, etc. The colours of Adepa are somber and not too loud.
GTP Safoa is about versatility and simplicity...just plain simple African designs. They are created for persons who believe that fashion does not have to be a catwalk! Safoa range comes printed in just one colour with varying colour pads.
GTP Nsroma are fabrics for special occasions such as funerals. The designs and colour schemes of Nsroma are uniquely rooted in the Ghanaian culture and celebration of funerals and other traditional festivals. They are designed for the discerning Ghanaian who values quality.
GTP Institutional Prints are prints specially for institutions such as banks, churches, schools and other organized groups. Fabrics are customized for such groups to give them unique identity in the society.
Visit our website  for more information and visuals on our products.
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