Regional News of 2014-09-02

A’Poly students complain about newly drafted timetable

Students of Accra Polytechnic are at odds with authorities over a new timetable drafted after the resumption of academic work on Monday, September 1.

The studens are complaining three weeks given before the start of end-of-semester exams is “too short” especially when final year students are expecting national service postings.

“It is unfortunate [Monday] morning we saw the timetable and our [national service] postings are also to come this week,” a student told our reporter Daniel Opoku. “So we don’t know what to do. As for me, the timetable is not going to help.”

The new timetable has done students more harm than good, another student said.

Reports are that students in rented hostels during the three-month strike face ejection as rents are overdue.

“Some students are coming from afar. Where are they going to be now?” wondered a student.

The students have been given three weeks to prepare for the exams, a decision they consider a rush.

According to the Accra Polytechnic Branch President of the Polytechnic Teachers Association of Ghana (POTAG), however, the students have no cause to complain.

“We are not rushing,” Michael Okai Addo debunked the students’ allegations.

“We have a duration for the academic semester and we were left with three weeks before we went on strike and we have given them the same three weeks. So, I don’t think they have basis to complain.”

POTAG embarked on a three-month strike, which was called off on Tuesday, August 26.

Meanwhile, Kumasi Polytechnic has scheduled Wednesday, September 3 for the resumption of lectures for all programmes.

Weekend lectures are scheduled to resume on Friday, a statement from the school has said.

Students were asked to report last Friday.

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