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Nana Ama McBrown angry at Kumawood filmmakers

Award winning Ghanaian actresses, Nana Ama McBrown, has condemned some Kumasi filmmakers who always take advantage of controversial issues in our society to produce movies.

Using controversial cases, orchestrations and stories to make movies has finally become the norm in our movie industry – especially amongst filmmakers in Kumasi otherwise known as Kumawood or the Twi-speaking movie industry.

Nana Ama McBrown, who is almost an indispensable force in Kumawood, told Razz Newspaper; “I am not against filmmakers shooting movies on social issues, but that does not mean they should wait for something to happen before they take advance to shoot movies. It’s silly!”

“Even if you want to use the situation to shoot a movie, it should not be a direct replica of the original or true situation. For instance, look at this Castro and Janet case, both have not been found so why should one shoot a movie with it a time their families are still mourning?” she queried.

She lamented on other incidents: “The two have not been found so why shoot a movie with it? There is also one called ‘Megyemeba’; clearly, the movie is about a lady who lost her child at the Komfo Anokye hospital.

Because the issue became popular, and the lady was demanding for her child, they shot that movie ‘Megyemeba.’

She further explained: “I don’t have any problem with our filmmakers using controversial cases to shoot a movie once it teaches some moral lessons. However, that is not the situation. So to me, I don’t condone that practice in our industry! I wish to move on; they stop.

The actress, whom Razz Newspaper learnt had been casted for a movie scripted around the mysterious Castro and Janet tragedy and is supposed to play the role of Janet Bandu, furiously spit on such acting offer that may come her way.

“Play what? Janet what? No one has contacted me! I will not take any role like that from any filmmaker! No one has called me to ask me even to play such a role. It is silly!

Silly! Do you see me in such movies? I want that movie producer to approach me, and he wills hear what I will tell him. I think the filmmakers want to use me to become popular but look, Ghanaians are becoming discerning.

The time will come when the good reputation of production houses, scriptwriters and directors are what people will look out for before they buy movies," she declared.

She admitted, “A time will come when people will not buy movies simply because Nana Ama is in it but who directed it or who scripted the story based on their works over the years.”

Source: Razz Newspaper
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