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looking for scrap excavators and Catapillar

my people, we are buying scrap Excavators,catapillars,big Trucks and buses and copa so contacts us if you have and please all must have covering papers to sell whatsap 0506136246
381802 2017-04-08 scalaenterprise34@gmail.com

MTP Kit online for confirmed pregnancy termination

pic 380906 Buy MTP kit online from safeabortionpillrx.com for ending your pregnancy at home. Medical abortion being one of the safest medical procedure, guarantees 96%-97% of success rate when taken correctly. With the help of Mifepristone and Misoprostol, both of which are in an MTP Kit, it blocks the progesterone hormone to detach the embryo and expel it with uterine contractions. Thus, terminating the pregnancy.
380906 2017-03-18 annanelson963@gmail.com


e buying old Ghana currencies, the various ones needed are as followed 10 old cedis note mainly called Gyato the old man with the smoking pipe 1971,1972,1974,1979, and then 1977 with the serial number A1 and B1 and also the 10 thousand cedis called the Big six from January to December 2007 is ok and then 2002 to 2006 January to July and the 20 thousand note called Ephrayim Amu 2007 all month and from 2001 to 2006 from January to JULY and also 2001 all month thanks please contact me on 0543697788 or 0202843240
378530 2017-01-19 dzotsi4582008@yahoo.com

we buy your old schnaap bottle for higher price

A reputable company is looking for an old schnapps bottles made in Germany in 17 and 18 centuries to buy . Normally dark green or black in colour with hole under. We also buy your old singer machine Ak series.
Contact purchasing officer on 0266621394 or 0502055791 for better price and other benefits
378522 2017-01-19 aaddai@yahoo.com

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