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Kumawu "Papa" Festival: Its Significance and Dreams

I want to know more about K'wu
Author: Kwaa
Date: 02-20 11:13 

I'm really stunned by the reaction to this article. It shows how well Kumawu citizens know and care about their hometown. Both my parents are from Kumawu and although I lived and worked in the media in Ghana before leaving to pursue my post-graduate education in the UK, I really didn't have much to do with my hometown in terms knowing much more about the history and the cultural significance of the place. I've just finished my PhD (in a different discipline, anyway) but would really like to know more about Kumawuman and perhaps do some research on its cultural and historical perspective. I will appreciate it if anyone could help. I am in the UK and my e-mail address is budsi2000@yahoo.com. I can also call anyone who wants me to do so. I speak Twi as well.
Author: Deywah
Date: 02-19 11:48 

Kumawu"Papa" Festival
Author: Kumawu girl(Canada)
Date: 02-19 08:58 

As a granddaughter of Nana Kwame Afram,past occupant of this important stool, born and raised in Kumawu, I pray that townfolks learn from what is happenning and next time select a chief who is one of "them".
Queen of Kumawu, is it true..
Author: Ohenewaa
Date: 02-19 05:16 

Is it true that the Kumawuhemaa's husband, the one she lived with in Canada, has passed away?

I also heard, she is being forced to choose b/n the stool, i.e being Ohemaa and living in Kumawu, or living in Canada continuously. For which if she chooses to remain in Canada, she risks destoolment.

Help needed on these.
Let Us Be Open Minded
Author: Rockson
Date: 02-18 21:49 

I appreciate all your expressed views. Please, don't let us be held back by the undesirable actions of an individual until a point of late realisation when one will say, "had I known" but which is always too late to effect any appropriate action. We should be able to criticise constructively, ensure that the resources of Kumawuman are used in the common interest of the entire Kumawu traditional area. We can do this if and only if, we unite and put our bitter past unhelpful differences behind us.

Our continual insistence on referencing the deplorable past as a guide to dissuade us from developing our place of birth is just unfortunate. We need to pull our collective efforts together to help develop our ancestral birth place.

I advise taht anyone from Kumawuman should be treated with equal respect irrespective of ones village of origin within the traditional area.

I take our Development chief, MP and DCE to task, requiring of them leadership qualities corresponding to their calling.

I admonish that you all join hands engaging in activities having in mind the interest of Kumawuman.Anyone willing to contact me can do so.

E-mail address: rcksnadofo@yahoo.co.uk
Kumawuman and Development
Author: Nana Adonteng
Date: 02-18 17:45 

Mr Adofo, what you have written has a bit of sense but have you forgotten that LEADERSHIP is very important in any organisation or community? What has the Omanhene done to unite his people since he was enstooled? He holds the KEY to Kumawuman development. By the way, is there a Kumawuman Association or Society at where you live and are you a member?
give ewes independence now
Author: koezum
Date: 02-18 14:34 

We need our land back now.Give us self rule,independence and political freedom now.We want to separate today.
Author: AgyaSei
Date: 02-18 14:22 


But not until we chant to Anokye to revert his curse, Kumawu may never attain the name, fame and strength of Kumase.

Kwabena Osei
Author: YAW-USA
Date: 02-18 12:23 

You did'nt leave your address to write to you presonally. I don't like using the comment forum becouse of stupit things some people write. I'm from Besoro, my mother is from Besoro and my Dad is from Bodomase and Kumawu, so I can say I'm from Kum-Bes-Bod.The development of Kumawuman depends on the altitude of those from Kumawufie, they downcast those from the surrounding villages.The development of the area can be achieved by brinking the people together.There is a saying that Kumawu cannot extend beyond the cemetry yet the rich among us are tyring to cross the line. There is only 3 miles radius between Kumawu-Besoro-Bodomase, all that we have is Nkwata. Those who have the means should build houses and projects to join the towns together in order to unit the people. You wrote about forming associations everywhere we are, we had one in Japan around 1998-1999 and any time we had meeting, every thing was about Kumawufie. Not until we came together as Kumawuman there won't be any progress in our proud bravery and heritage. LONG LIVE KUMAWU TRADITIONAL AREA.
Whose Fault?
Author: Kaaf-Dj, Manchester(UK)
Date: 02-18 11:39 

Thank you mr Rockson, is good for the people of Kumawu traditional area to come together to build a stong nation but it seems to me that the man who stands as a symbol of unity is self selfish and he thinks for himself. Being an Akyerema I was very sad to see this man donated 10million cedis to his formal and less than 1million cedis to Tweneboah Kodua as far back 1994 when the two school were having fund raising celemony. Individually I see people of Kumawu as wealthy men and women but when it comes to kumawu as a whole we lack so many things so I challenge the leader Barima Asumadu Sakyi II to stand up as a symbol of unity and not a symbol of disintergration. Long live Kumawu, long live Papa Nantwie Festival.
Greetings to all my siblings..
Author: Oddeifuo Kwesi Darkwa
Date: 02-18 10:35 

I wish to capture this fine opportunuity as Kumawuman gets ready for the "Papa Festival" to wish all my brothers and sisters a prosporous life time blessings in good health, open favour, peace and God's guidence.

Especially, my sisters in New York;
Charity Ama Afrakuma Addai (New York Hemaa and Queen Mother of Agogo- Ashante-Akyem),

My Sister in New Jersey;
Afia Dansua Addai,

My Brothers in New York;
Akwesi Addae &
Justice Kojo Nyanor Addae.

Most profound gratitude also goes to my senior brother ;
Mr. Edmund Kofi Duffour Addae
of Accra Markets Company Limited, at Kaneshie- Ghana.

Enuanum ayeekoo.

Author: Daddy T.
Date: 02-18 08:50 


fetish priests cursed npp @ VR
Author: koezumi
Date: 02-18 07:34 

NDC’s CURSES ON NPP (Mass Hernia & Measles)

Millions of powerful fetish priests from various powerful and leading shrines in the volta region,converged at Keta and invoked curses on the npp and its leadership on sunday ( 18/2/2007)
The ritual was very prominent. the fetish priests clouded in white calico,bare-footed, holding different wines,calabash,herbs in their lips,couffins and glasses with concoctions believed to be water from 3 old wells in anlo land.They walked in a precessional manner from agavedzi and ended at the 5th landing stage( torkor atorlia)at anlogah where the ancestors were believed to have been burried alive.

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) last Sunday organized one of the most ominous rituals in Ghanaian history, when in the full glare of the public, the party hierarchy encouraged the adoption of very bizarre methods, including the invocation of unseen spirits on its political opponents.

Dozens of fetish priests were employed to invoke curses on the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), not only to make them lose the 2008 general elections, but to have the millions of the party’s membership across the country inflicted with strange diseases, including king-sized hernia and measles.

The country’s largest opposition party did the unthinkable, following instigations from the top hierarchy that last week’s 10-year jail sentence slapped on the Member of Parliament for Keta Constituency, Hon. Daniel Kwasi Abodakpi, was a tribal agenda.

The fetish priests, carrying concoctions made with water from some three old natural wells in Keta, were followed by several women, many of who wept and dragged their buttocks on the bare ground to awake their ancestors from their graves, to heed their plea.

Several hundreds of NDC members and Abodakpi sympathisers, all clad in red, wailed and rolled on the ground at Ekpame, a popular durbar ground, to perform the bizarre rituals, soon after Bagbin had incited their wrath with ‘ethnocentric revelations’.

A concoction was sprinkled along the streets of Keta amidst chanting of incantations believed to be powerful enough to make the sun stand still.

For now, a cloud of loud silence has hung over the Anlo and Keta constituencies, following the development. While the youth have adopted a wait-and-see attitude, the elders in the area say the various rituals were very serious and a prognosis of damning pandemic consequences.

Should the ‘gods’ of Anlo heed the cry of the NDC, some 2.5 million men would soon go about town with king-sized testicles, a situation which can definitely make the Adaklu-Anyigbe discovery look like a child’s play, and surely place more strains on the nascent National Health Insurance Scheme.

Last Sunday’s politically-led invocations for ancestral intervention at Keta, even though common in African mythology, was unheard of in mainstream Ghanaian politics, and such practices had always been denied by the elite.
Author: FIRE
Date: 02-18 07:24 

In the first place, the name Kumassi means “the Death-Place.”

KUM = Kill

ASI = Place


Any great public function was seized on as an excuse for human sacrifices. There was the annual “yam custom,” or harvest festival, at which large numbers of victims were often offered to the gods. Then the king went every quarter to pay his devotions to the shades of his ancestors at Bantama, and this demanded the deaths of twenty men over the great bowl on each occa­sion. On the death of any great personage, two of the household slaves were at once killed on the threshold of the door, in order to attend their master immediately in his new life, and his grave was afterwards lined with the bodies of more slaves who were to form his retinue in the spirit world. It was thought all the better if, during the burial, one of the attendant mourners could be stunned by a club, and dropped, still breathing, into the grave before it was filled in. In the case of a great lady dying, slave-girls were the victims. This custom of sacrifice at funerals was called “washing the grave.” On the death of a king the custom of washing the grave involved enormous sacrifices. Then sacrifices were also made to propitiate the gods when war was about to be entered upon, or other trouble was impending. Victims were also killed to deter an enemy from approaching the capital: sometimes they were impaled and set up on the path, with their hand pointing to the enemy and bidding him to retire. At other times the victim was beheaded and the head replaced looking in the wrong direction; or he was buried alive in the pathway, standing upright, with only his head above ground, to remain thus until starvation, or—what was infinitely worse—the ants made an end of him. Then there was a death penalty for the infraction of various laws. For instance, any­body who found a nugget of gold and who did not send it at once to the king was liable to decapitation; so also was anybody who picked up anything of value lying on the parade-ground, or who sat down in the shade of the fetish tree at Bantama. Indeed, if the king desired an execution at any time, he did not look far for an excuse. It is even said that on one occasion he preferred a richer colour in the red stucco on the walls of the palace, and that for this purpose the blood of four hundred virgins was used.

Source Baden Poewll
Great Job Adofo
Author: Okooba @ VA
Date: 02-18 07:06 

Adofo you have done an excellent job. However the task is very huge.Barima Asumadu Sakyi should set pace in reconciling Kumawuman this Papa.You and i know that it is a very complex situation. However if we all bury our selfish ambitions and set the betterment of Kumawu as priority this could easily be realised.Not only do we lack basic infrastructure but there seems to no hope for for the youth. They have become victims of teenage pregnancy. We all have a role to play.
The Abamo
Author: Nana Akrase
Date: 02-18 05:53 

( A response to an article on SIL )

The reporter obviously has stated an inaccuracy here. The abamo was not captured by Tweneboa Kodua, he hadn't even come to the Kumawu stool in that time.

Do recall, in the war with Ataara Finam which had the 3 brother Aduana states of Kwamang, Kumawu and Agogo, the Kumawuhene then, Efa Kai lost his life at Nsaaboso. The Abamo was captured by the forces of the Kwamanghene, Nana Ntori Nimpa I, together with seven skulls of Ataara Finam ( which constituted his Odwira shrine ) and a set of 7 horns, known as Ntahera.

Kwamang handed the Abamo ( which has powers to cure infertility ) to the then Queen of Kumawu-who was said to have been infertile--in a gesture of brotherliness or clanliness, and the Ntahera horns to Agogo. The Odwira shrine, they kept. This is why, the Kwamanghene to date, has the power to celebrate the Odwira festival.
Author: Nana Akrase
Date: 02-18 05:51 

As Kumawu, celebrates its Papa festival, they should express unreserved gratitude to the people of Kwamang who gave them the Abamo.

Unfortunately, Kumawu having forgotten how Ataara Finam was conquered, is now locked in a dispute with Kwamang over ownership of the Afram lands.

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