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Students Activism and Ghanaian Politics in Retrospect

Re: Students Activism and Ghanaian Politics in Ret
Date: 07-30 09:57 

is time the government empower good leadership through students politic ,since that is the way!
polarised society
Author: Djaba
Date: 11-26 23:30 

lt is a polarised society that we have now, from our various src`s,jcr`s[legon] and the nugs.Students of to day are more interested in what to eat /get today than tomorrow.Hence they will take or take any thing that will be in their selfish interest rather than the general interest.God help us
Totobi NUGS President
Author: Kweku Boateng Jnr
Date: 03-05 05:10 

Overall, balanced piece.

Mr. Kofi Totobi-Quakyi, was the PRESIDENT OF NUGS, not secretary as stated in the article. The then secretary was Kofi Lamptey, now a an excellent lawyer in Cape Coast. The treasurer was Ms. Getrude Zakariaya, now with the NCCE. The student leader who was killed in Cape Coast was Mr. Roland Anthony Yorke, president of the JCR of Atlantic Hall, Cape Coast university.
Totobi was shot on the Cape Coast -Accra road by the Ghana Police officers and thanks to the support of the International Union of Students, based at 17 November Street, Prague, Czech Republic and Dr. Safo-Adu (former Agric Minister under the PP government -1969-72, Totobi's life was saved. One Mary Nkrumah and Kwesi Kamassah of Legon played a critical role at the Legon hospital.
Augusco and Ghana independenc
Author: The way things ought to be
Date: 03-04 18:35 

The demonstration against the detention of Nkrumah was actually organized by the students of Augusco who then persuaded Adisco and Botwe to join in to give it more credibility. It took a long persuation before Botwe and Adisco agreed. On the day of wahala the headmaster of Augusco got the info so he sent a teacher to go and inform the other headmasters to do everything they could to stop the aluta. The teacher went on bicycle so he could not get there on time. Meanwhile he himself couldn’t stop the Augusco boys. The aluta went on for about 2 weeks so the govt had no choice but to release Kwame. Later a commission was formed to investigate all students, teachers and workers of the 3 schools and dismiss anyone who was involved in the aluta. Most of the students who were sacked were from Augusco, a few from Botwe and one (the leader) from Adisco. Among the dismissed was J. J. Mensah-Kane who was a teacher at Augusco and later became the headmaster of Ghana National twice. Nkrumah whose office was then in Saltpond gave money from his own pocket to Mensah-Kane to buy chalk, build a blackboard and prepare the students in his living room for their matriculation (todays GCE). The boys were move from one location to another in Cape Coast and merchants in Cape Coast helped to feed the students and pay the teachers. ALL the boys got a distinction. Later, Nkrumah got permission from the then education Minister, Essilfie, to establish another secondary school in Cape Coast. His aim was to build a school better than Augusco. From all the offers of a site, Kwame chose the village of ‘Mennya Mennwu’ meaning ‘I did not die after all’ in Fanti. This is the site where Ghana National sits today. For a while Nkrumah succeeded in beating Augusco. It was said that at that time if you were a science student at Augusco, Adiso or Botwe, it was better to copy the notes of a national student than to attend class in your own school. But Augusco as it is cannot be superceded. This explains why Mensah-Kane sent all his boys to Augusco. Kofi Biney who himself attended Botwe and later became headmaster of Aggrey Memorial also sent most of his boys to Augusco. There is a slew of headmasters in Ghana who sent their sons to Augusco. In the beginning there were 2 schools thought to be unbeatable, then came Augusco when all perceptions began to change. Bravo Augusco. You can tell that I have a whole library of books about Kwame Nkrumah.
Watch President Kufour Live
Author: Akosua, South Africa
Date: 03-04 09:48 

Friends, you can Watch President Kufuor Live on www.modernghana.com
Right Now
Point of Correction
Author: Steve biko
Date: 03-04 07:21 

You stated in your write-up that Botwe was secratary to Arthur K and that is incorrect. The secretary to Arthur Ks NUGS was Abadu and the treasurer was one Kwasi Boateng. Dan Botwe had completed his service as NUGS secretary a year before with Amoah Labi and Hans Djaba all of UST.Please make sure you get your facts right b/4 you put them in writing.
Student power then
Author: yo neomayme
Date: 03-04 04:01 

Is there any student power now. Our girls are now enged in prostitution and guys into drugs poor Ghana.
We 've Come This Far since '57
Author: Let's Keep Putting Our Best...
Date: 03-04 03:00 

Fifty years afta... Kumasi needs the following:

1. Kumasi International Airport

2. T.V Studios

3. The Great African American Post Graduate Studies

4. University Of The West Indies - Gh-Ksi

5. University Of Architectural, Town and Country Planning

6. 10, 000 seater Auditorium/Theater/Dance Hall

7. 5 star Hotels

8. University For Sound Design & Engineering

9. The Maroons Womens University Of Commerce

10. University For Fashion And Entertainment Industry

To Be Continued...

P.S. We are waiting for the completion of the unique ID cards system implementation cuz no security, no economy!

Long Live Ghana !
Author: jack
Date: 03-04 00:46 

hey mr. kpessa are you an ewe or a looso? your english stinks
RE: Students Activism and Ghanaian Politics in Ret
Date: 03-03 21:58 

Waiting to read it.
Re: Students Activism and Ghanaian Politics in Ret
Author: ck
Date: 03-03 20:34 

EWES are satan children, their goals on this earth are to kill, steal, murder, rape, ritual murder, trokosi slavery, inward looking mentality, killing people ahead of them in gov't jobs, killing progressive people in their communities, coup for political power, idol worship, defending one of their evil EWES when prosecuted, nation wreckers, EWE women indulging in prostitution to get the name HO from the word WHORE, JUJU to kill other progressive AKANS, and to cry foul when asked to account for their stewardship in gov't jobs. EWES are two edged sword people, they will kill you for positions at work places if you are ahead or behind them. All these traits explained why these people are satan children with one goal to kill and destory.

Look at all the countries these people are residing, TOGO, BENIN, GHANA, NIGERIA, and HAITI. There is no progress interms of ritual killings, political choas, juju killings of innocent citizens, dependency on gov't jobs to kill competing tribes. When is Christ coming to end these satanic people terror on innocent people in the above mention countries?

The question decent Ghanaians should ask EWES, when are you people going to be self-employed to reduce your people dependency on gov't jobs? You will never see an EWE opening his/her own company to employ people.
May the Lord Jesus Christ open these people's eyes to be self-reliant to create their own companies to employ their unemployed fellow EWES.
I hope you EWES will stop your enviness and strive harder to open your own companies to reduce dependency on central gov't jobs. No one, I mean no one will kill you if you EWES open your own company. EWES should strive to be progressive people and stop killing progressive people in their communities.

SAY AMEN IF YOU AGREE with ME. AMEN to progressive people~
Author: Kukanu.
Date: 03-03 16:29 

Asumah Azumah, look we all know the way Ashanti jealousy works. You can never say ashantis don't do Juju as everyone knows the president's secret consultations with the late Father of all JUJUs EYADEMA OF TOGO. Eyadema Chicken sacrifice which was done during Kufuor's state visit to La Man'Kara, Eyadema's hometown resulted in 129 Ghanaians loosing their live at the Accra sports stadium. He knew about it and accepted to go ahead if that's what it will take for him and his party to remain in power. He also visited the famous Antoa Nyamaa shrine in the ashanti region to kill his opponents. Victor Selormey died as a result. We know that. Your DOUBLE STANDARD TRIBALISM IS SHOWING CLEARLY when you say Nigeria, Togo and Benin are evil countries. When Kufuor needed the JUJU to stay in power he went to togo. When Wereko-Brobby sucked the VRA dry, the president went begging nigeria for help to keep the lights in Ghana on at least for the celebration.
The percentage of votes won by the NPP in the volta region is way way higher than what the NDC won in the Ashanti region. Tell me, WHO IS INWARD LOOKING YOU MORON.

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