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Kumasi Armed Forces Displays Weapons

Author: Kwaku A. Danso
Date: 03-08 01:18 

This is excellent to help eliminate the fear in our cultural mindset of guns.
It was through guns that our society was first controlled by the Europeans and then enslaved and colonized. People should be conversant and remove fear away from the gun and protect themselves.

Author: 4 Year Old
Date: 03-07 17:32 

It is time the old civil war artillery gave way to modern and hitech weapons to keep abreast with modern warfare.

The fool has said, "a bad day will never come"
I hope Ghana does not become complacent and foolish because you never know.

If that saying was not true, Saddam Huseine will still be alive today. But guess what, Saddam Huseine invaded their own brother with whom they ate and shared everyday. Our success and celebration are the envy of the enemy. Who is that enemy? I wish you or I knew.

Moreover, our young men and women will forever be discouraged to join the military if all they see is our 1901 Yaa Asantewaa armoury, used in the Ashanti British wars, when they watch precision bombs, hi-tech, supersonic, unmanned machines etc in today's wars.

It's time to modernize!
K´si Armed Forces
Author: Boss
Date: 03-07 16:25 

Since when do we have this in Ghana? There is no Kumasi Armed Forces. You can Have a "cocain armed forces" if you so desired.
Re; Ann-USA
Author: Boss
Date: 03-07 16:20 

You are really an ASS( âne in french ) and you will die an ASS
GHANA or Kumasi?
Author: O. ASANTE
Date: 03-07 14:51 

I am confused... Ghana Armed Forces in Kumasi or do we have an Armed Force for Kumasi?
Re: Kumasi Armed Forces Displays Weapons
Author: hohoho,montreal
Date: 03-07 13:15 

do ghana armed forces have weapons to display? made in where?
whats Kumasi armed forces?
Author: h
Date: 03-07 13:13 

Its Ghana armed forces stationed in Kumasi.
Date: 03-07 13:01 

Military and the public.
Author: Concerned Observer
Date: 03-07 12:27 

The Ghanaian public perceiving the military as brutish, molesting and unsympathetic is a fact and not a wrong misconception as the Major put it. During the numerous coups, innocent civilians have been subjected to atrocities by the military.
If they, the military want to eschew from those acts then that is another matter and good news but to say that it never happens would be painful to bear.
The military should realize that the citizens of Ghana are not their enemies. The citizens rather look up to them for protection as the Major reiterated.
Isn't it disheartening to see soldiers molesting citizens of a country they are supposed to protect?
Re: Kumasi Armed Forces Displays Weapons
Author: GREENE
Date: 03-07 12:20 

Re: Kumasi Armed Forces Displays Weapons
Author: Ann-USA
Date: 03-07 12:13 

Bunch of evil doers are now planning to attend the 6th March celebrations. Who cares if Satan agents decided to boycott the celebrations? EWES and NDC party are interwined in satanic rituals to kill, murder, chaos, tribalism, trokosi enslavement of members, curses decent Ghanaians, nation wreckers, idol worshipping of cult leader Jato Evil Satan agent J.J. Rawlings. How on earth did EWES know the worth of humanity.

These people are satan children, their goals on this earth are to kill, steal, murder, rape, ritual murder, trokosi slavery, inward looking mentality, killing people ahead of them in gov't jobs, killing progressive people in their communities, coup for political power, idol worship, defending one of their evil EWES when prosecuted, nation wreckers, EWE women indulging in prostitution to get the name HO from the word WHORE, JUJU to kill other progressive AKANS, and to cry foul when asked to account for their stewardship in gov't jobs.

EWES are two edged sword people, they will kill you for positions at work places if you are ahead or behind them. All these traits explained why these people are satan children with one goal to kill and destory.

Look at all the countries these people are residing, TOGO, BENIN, GHANA, NIGERIA, and HAITI. There is no progress interms of ritual killings, political choas, juju killings of innocent citizens, dependency on gov't jobs to kill competing tribes.

When is Christ coming to end these satanic people terror on innocent people in the above mention countries?

The question decent Ghanaians should ask EWES, when are you people going to be self-employed to reduce your people dependency on gov't jobs? You will never see an EWE opening his/her own company to employ people.
May the Lord Jesus Christ open these people's eyes to be self-reliant to create their own companies to employ their unemployed fellow EWES.

I hope you EWES will stop your enviness and strive harder to open your own companies to reduce dependency on central gov't jobs. No one, I mean no one will kill you if you EWES open your own company. EWES should strive to be progressive people and stop killing progressive people in their communities.

SAY AMEN IF YOU AGREE with ME. AMEN to progressive people.

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