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CEPS re-launches website

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Author: LARSONSheri
Date: 11-12 21:35 

That's understandable that cash can make us independent. But what to do if one does not have cash? The one way only is to get the loans and just bank loan.
CEPS re-launches website
Author: Antwi
Date: 05-12 13:41 

What is this "home delivery value" under vehicles please? and how did they get that?
Re: CEPS re-launches website
Author: Bakus-USA
Date: 05-11 03:50 

Nice but there is no way you can contact them. I tried to use their contact us page but it was not working. They should make their telephone available on the sites too.
RE: CEPS re-launches website
Author: Frank Mensah
Date: 05-11 01:22 

My 8-year old son had his own website 8 years ago?
CEPS lost resperct
Author: Agbeli Kumodzi
Date: 05-11 00:25 

Ghana CEPS lost respect like tha of Ghana POLICE SERVICE.
Re: CEPS re-launches website
Author: unnecessary begging
Date: 05-10 22:52 

What is TARRIF?


tariff + b???? = tarrif
ceps website
Author: kofione
Date: 05-10 22:28 

its and not
CEPS re-launches website
Author: Kofi Effah
Date: 05-10 22:01
I copied this address from the ghana web news article into a web address bar, but it failed to produce the web page intended. Can anyone check the addess again?
put the correct information on
Author: dan-atl ga
Date: 05-10 20:33 

the website. the current laws and tax %
Redirect Old site to new one
Author: Klerm
Date: 05-10 20:08 

I will suggest that the old site( address be redirected to the new one. It takes a while, sometimes forever for people to get to know about a new address
Job well done
Author: Mike
Date: 05-10 19:14 

I think I must commend CEPS for re-launching the website. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. If CEPS has taken this step, I believe we must acknowledge it and give them the praise due them. Having said this however, I sincerely hope it will not be like one of those websites that go stale after having the same old piece of information left sitting there for many months and years without seeing any updates and reviews.
Well to CEPS I say Ayeeko. Mbo na eduma.
Re: CEPS launches website
Author: jenkins
Date: 05-10 16:20 

Paa KLwesi you are lucky to be outside Ghana, you miss one thing-
you need to see a psychiatrist, maybe a forensic one.
not made for ghanaians
Author: Anonymous Coward
Date: 05-10 16:05 

if the website is geared towards ghanaians in ghana, i gotta say these flash based sites are a total waste of time and energy. majority of ghanaians with access to the internet do so on a dial up service. if you design a flash based site and image intensive site, it's gonna take minutes just to load a page. people will just give up waiting for the site to load it up. keep it simple stupid!
No News
Author: AgyaWusu
Date: 05-10 15:57 

An organization like Ceps being able to manage a website is and should not be new at any time. We should not dramatize how backward we are.
Re: CEPS re-launches website
Author: Paa kwesi
Date: 05-10 15:44 

Re: CEPS re-launches website
Author: decaf
Date: 05-10 15:25 

Talk talk and nothing. When are we going to walk the walk. Where is the so called
NPP stop this game
Author: Ato
Date: 05-10 15:09 

The website is not even working, when are they going to preaching and not delivering
Include info on kickbacks
Author: Moshie Dayan
Date: 05-10 15:05 

The website is not complete. We need information on where to pay bribes as well.

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