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Winneba Police fails to turn up in Court

Author: Neenyi Kobena Gyan
Date: 05-23 12:18 

I am surprise that Kwesi Armah Sekum is still holding himself as Obaatan of the Tuafo Asafo Company, even when there is a substantive Supi for the Tuafo Asafo No.1 Company. In the history of the Tuafo Asafo Company of Effut, there is no title nor role of Obaatan. The OmaOdefe of Effutu is the War Lord of the Kingdom and he has delegated the Tufuhen (from Petuano) to be the head of the 2 Asafo Companies namely Tuafo and Dentsifo. Each Asafo(Militia) has its Supreme head who is the Supi, followed by the Asafohenes. My late Dad, Kojo Agyeman Takyi, was the Supi of Tuafo Asafo Company and therefore I am well versed in the hierarchy of the Asafo Company. Armah Sekum, is not even a Asafohen nor Kobae, how come that he is claiming to be the Obaatan , a title from the Gomoa Asafo Compnaies. Effuts are not Gomoas. Effutus are Guans as rightly stated by Asemuba. Obaatan is a title of the Akan speaking Gomoa Asafo Companies. Who made him the Obaatan? When/ and Where was he made so? Where does he come from? Sekum is an Impostor. His Mother comes from Biriwa and his Dad, who never involved himself in Militia (Asafo) hails from Jamestown, who came to Winneba to engage in Fishing activities and settled at Oku Prmmaso. Armah Sekum, should desist from engaging in Effutu Chieftaincy and should not throw dust into the eyes of the ordinary Ghanaian. Effutu Asafo Companies, Traditional Priests and Priestesses don't carry gods after Aboakyer festival for "peace and prosperity", Self acclaimed Obaatan should be prosecuted. He is a liar and his actions are indictment. Tuafo Asafo, has One and Only One Supi and there's no body above him in the Asafo. Armah Sekum is a liar, his days are numbered like this stooge leaders, Ayeribi Acquahs and Kweku Edus. At present there's no Tufuhene, since Petu family has not replaced the deceased Tufuhene. Therefore the Oma Odefe, Neenyi Ghartey the 7th, is the only King and will at his own time and period will relinguish that post of Tufuhene to the recognised Petu Family. We the Tuafo Asafo Company state that We have no OBAATAN position in the Asafo.
Author: K. K. ASEMUBA (U.S.A)
Date: 05-23 11:11 

Posterity will one day judge us. Kwesi Armah Sekum, my maternal Uncle is a damn liar. Never in the anals and customs of Effutu, have the Priests and Priestesses carried the gods to ensure peace and prosperity after Aboakyer. he is a damn liar. He should also be made aware that in Effutu Asafo, there's no position like Obataan. The term is linked to Asafo Companies from the Gomoa Area (Akan), Effutus are Guans and each Asafo Company is headed by Supi followed by the Asafohenes. The so called Obataan title does not exist in the Effutu Asafo neither does that title exist in Oku Prammado (My Maternal Grandpa's House) from where he hails from. Kwesi Armah Sekum should not throw dust into the eyes of the Peace Loving Ghanaian Populace. He should either move up or shut up! Besides, those who carried the gods have done themselves more harm than good. Uncle Armah, go get a copy of this book "The Making of An African King - Matrilineal and Patrilineal Struggle Among the Effutu of Ghana" Shame on you and those irresponsible rebels.

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