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Indiscipline in our society, the cause of our plight

TheLegacies of theSadist Rawli
Author: MenayeAFUAforiwa
Date: 06-16 13:58 

The ostensible causes of all these indiscipline and insubordinations in our society today stem from the legacies bequeathed to the country by the indiciplined sadist Rawlings' and his gang of the P/NDC despots who destroyed the fabrics of every morality in Ghanaian society. Because of the absence of fatherly supervisions in the family this guy grew up to be indiscipline and hated everything decent that crossed his ways.According to a pastor who was his guardian in his Achimota days, it was no suprise to him that the sadist Rawlings was the leader of the violent gang that used brutal and violent force to overthrow the peaceful Limann government. The pastor described him as a violent person who was the center of every troubles on Achimota campus. He went on to say that but for his interventions with the school's authorities the sadist Rawlings would not have completed his secondary education. So ladies and gentlemen, what kind of legacy would such a psuedo leader would instill in the youths of his regime who have grown to be adults today?
Author: Joe
Date: 06-15 13:20 

Please can you send this letter to the government especially The presidentif we regect it another tribal war is steering at our face and waiting for the future generation will curse our dead . God bless you our democracy will fail once again if we refuse to Listen if we obey we will prosper ,if we refusewe are doomed.
Author: ABU
Date: 06-15 13:08 

Orderly Society - The Recipe
Author: Apisco T.
Date: 06-15 09:59 

This is a continuation of my discourse. People learn mostly by example and examples from those above them are most influential.
(1) If a parent smokes and then tells his children not to smoke, the children will most liley not listen.
(2) If a professor does not respect his students, doesn't work hard to update his knowledge, and comes to class late (without apologizing to the students), the students are not learning discipline from this professor.
(3) If a head of department does not account for the use of the department's money and other property like vehicles etc, the other workers in the department are learning the wrong thing from this head of department.
(4) If the senior members of a company or a government ministry come to work late and leave early, they are communicating the wrong thing to their subordinates.
Why don't we see that the chaos we are observing in our society is exactly what our leaders (and therefore the people) have desired and worked for all these years? People say that when the Ghanaian travels abroad, he obeys the rules but at home in Ghana, he does not. Isn't he the same person? Yes, he is the same person but the difference is that the penalty for "disobedience" is real and is applied accross the board (for the most part). I will be back with more.
Date: 06-15 09:57 

Indicipline in Ghana was started by junoor Military offisters uprising on june 4, 1979 when
Rawlings look the law into his own hands ND killed eight generals, including three former military rulers. Middle class witch hunts and business and property seizures forced many into exile.

Rawlings killed Colonel Enimful together with the wife on the day of the June 4 Revolution because he was presiding on Rawlings abortive coup.
Author: BAFO
Date: 06-15 08:26 

Dear Richard:

Since you are member of the Faculty of Law, KNUST, and you strongly believe that "indiscipline is underdevelopment", what do you have against protocol admission - which to some of us is part of indiscipline and corruption on the part of the elites in our society?

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you.
Well Written and Crafted
Author: Kwasi Owusu
Date: 06-15 07:41 

Obeng well done!

Your English is very simple and goes straight to the point.

Most likely you did not have all your education in Ghana otherwise you will be using long useless words like Nana Amma B. always does.
Author: KOO
Date: 06-15 06:32 

mufti dabre of peace fm is dead
Author: Victoria
Date: 06-15 06:06 

Indeed our chiefs have let us down miserably. Tey are unable to change with the times and have allowed chieftancy disputes to undermine discipline as some of them engage in mud slinging and all sorts of disgraceful tactics. What is the use of the House of chiefs if the chiefs cannot discipline themselves
Re. to Andrew Belgium
Author: Fo. Kwaku - Tanyingbe
Date: 06-15 06:05 

All tribes, and I mean all tribes should learn to respect others. Ghana is for all. It is when others feel too ghanian than others, it is when other tribes are insulted 'cos they come from a tribe. Ghana is for all ghnaians. Critisms of K4 has nothing to do with his tribe, but his inefficiency and bankrucptcy. I respect your concern but lets not forget when in 2000 K4 said and I qoute "ya gye yen maain". Don't forget a similar thing happended during Busia's time in the 70's. Remember "Appolo 538" when 538 civil servants from a particular tirbe were dismmissed.?
Have nice weeekend.

Fo. Kwaku - Tanyingbe
Blame Jerry Rawlings for this!
Author: Kofi Freeman
Date: 06-15 04:41 

When rawlings was humiliating important persons who had achieved their reputations by hardwork at school and businesses before children, people applauded it as revolutionary. he threw top lawyers, doctors, businessmen, teachers at will in prison falsely accusing them of crimes to the applause of society's failure. The military drills of achievers. Locking Ghanaians up for three years on curfew reduced us to nation of obedient children to our colonial master. The insults of Rawlings on our revered Chiefs was shocking; the arrogance of him calling for action against successful men; the notorious Militia, CDR, PDC, and the tribunals, vettings and many many such PNDC poilitical groupings all composed of certified criminals informed ordinary people that indiscipline was good. As a man brought up not to respect anybody, probably due to his latent belief of supremacy as a whiteman's son, Jerry laid the basis for all the problems of discipline in our country. Just read the insulting words of supporters of NDC on the world wide web. Everyday an NDc supporter will use words like "we shall kill you; imprison you; cocaine leaders, asante corrupt people; Kuffuor is a thief, Asantehene peddles cocaine etc. read the words of NDC supporters on the Ghanaweb and see the denigration of our youth. Foul mouthed NDC supporters have really copied their master Rawlings, a megalomaniac who have openly despised Ghanaians on political platforms. He continues to call for a coup against a government elected by the people of Ghana; he does not see anything good in others except himself. Rawlings has brought our country low. He is the source of all this indiscipline. But NPP can do something about it. A good Police; good laws; effective local politics, sack unruly people; Reclaim our country for us from the indisciplined NDC people.
Thank you.
Author: Andrew Belgium
Date: 06-15 04:18 

These humble words are for very citizen, discipline, selfless and caring for one another that make a good country. Name calling and i am better than you is what we Ghanaians are better at, Mr Obeng Thank you, you have spoken well and i hope we will all pray to the good God to help us build a better Ghana, I, am sorry and i apologize to anyone i have offend. Thank you.
Indisciple at the top
Author: Fo. Kwaku - Tanyingbe
Date: 06-15 03:32 

I hope K4 is reading this article. For indisciple at the castle all ghanaians perish.

Fo. Kwaku - Tanyingbe
Date: 06-15 03:07 

..say is straight into their face, obeng. our peoples of the state of ghana, A NATION FREED FROM WHITE OPPRESSION BY NKRUMAH AND GIVEN STABILITY BY RAWLINGS and now meticulously monitored by me, VICE RESSIEN, are ignorant and never in the position to see what they do wrong. the ghanaian, the brainwashed ghanaian is boastful and stinks. he/she runs around and presents his views as nonplusultra although he has no idea of anything. when you talk to the ghanaian or even try to exchange ideas to come to a constructive conclusion, the ghanaian will take that as an offence. the ghanaian will threat you with violence and shout ,WHO BE YOU? I KNOW ME? I GO BEAT YOU!

and so it remains, that whatever idea that could be developed to the benefit of good ghanaians is destroyed upon the irrationality of a stupid ghanaian who does not understand the concept of generating ideas.

ultimately, all ghanaians are forced to live in filth and you are right when you say that the consequence of ghanaian irrationality leaves us to "litter the streets, dump refuse indiscriminately, park our cars at unauthorized places, fail to pay taxes, trade at undesignated places all under the pretext of ignorance. We erect structures at anywhere." THIS IS THE NATURE OF THE GHANAIAN and until he realises that, there would not be any reasonable socio-economic-political changes in ghana.
leadership must change
Author: Old Pirate
Date: 06-15 02:38 

Not long ago I was in Ghana and took public transport sometimes. There were supposed to be 3 people in a row but the driver took 4. When I challenged him, one fellow passenger got very angry and wanted to fight me. Why? He said I was selfish. Meanwhile it was daytime and there were several other vehicles waiting to load.
We are our own enemies. We think rules are meant to be broken, and so long as no one dies from our action, it must be right.
But our biggest source of corruption and evil comes from the government. Everyone in Ghana sees the way officials rob the nation to get rich. People in turn want their "share" so the least opportunity they get, they use it to cheat and rob someone as well.
I went to the Bank to collect money and they did not give me everything, they took their "tip".
The change must start from the top. The government, ministers and MPs must be seen to care about Ghana and people will gradually learn from them to be honest. But for now there is no hope of Ghana changing. So the poverty cucle continues.
Date: 06-15 02:10 

Today, I have read all what I have been saying all years long about Ghana. It is about lack of education, the inability of various governments to implement law and order. The average Ghanians hate to be told of what she or he must do. Our lack of discipline is not God made but rather we have no respect for the law. We live in the bush and our behaviours and attitudes stinks. We are easily recognised in any foreign country that we stayed in. We are just too known people. We are people who boosts of everything but have nothing, just because we are a bunch of people who are not disciplined. We always feels that we are right in whatever that we do. We hate ourselves and always try to bring our country down just because we know too much. At times, I ask myself, if it was the same God of heaven who created us, and I wonder where we came from. Ghanaians makes the loudest noise on this planet and by doing so, creates hatracy for ourselves. We have forgotten that there others who are better than us. In every country that I set foot in, what I first hear is, ARE YOU A GHANAIAN? No single Ghanaian want to change, we mess things up, and all what one hears is, AND SO WHAT? I per se, knows that it all bores down to the lack of education.
What A Nation?
How about the root causes of Indiscipline?
Author: Papa Nii
Date: 06-15 01:01 

You rambled quite a bit about the residual effects of indiscipline , but you did not reveal the root causes. Remember that you cannot resolve the problem unless you tackle it from its roots.

The current high unemployment rate among the youth, lack of total commitment by our elected officials and just plain visionless governemental leadership are all part of the causes of the growing menace of indiscipline that we see in our little beautiful country today.

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