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Ghana's Most Wanted Armed Robber Captured

RE: Ghana's Most Wanted Armed Robber Captured
Author: Ohenenana Mensah Abrompa
Date: 03-02 07:40 

Thanks to the Police for a good JOB done, it was just last week that we had a topic on this issue. My worry is that "IS IT TRUE CAPTURE", and not those your home movies? Reports reaching our office indicates some propaganda in some media reports in GHANA by some top officials just to get away with serious matters.

Well if Atta AYI as he calls himself has confessed killing some innocent people then let the LAW that implies to that crime take its immediate course.

I was in Accra during Acheampong regime, when armed robbers along the Dzorwulu area were stopped within a second.Do you want to scare the tourists and visitors to our Country?

You can do the same. We want our citizens, visitors and the ongoing Democracy in Ghana to succeed, no matter what the minority inferiority complex plan to do.

We of the diaspora have various associations and organizations helping on other issues like Health. Education, etc. If the Government now wants some of us to direct our attention to helping on eradicating armed robbery he should tell us without delay. As a teenager, I witnessed thieves of domestic items and pets were given a sever beatings by the village watchers even before they take them to the Chiefs palace.

Why not give power to the city councils or Royals to setup city/town/village crime watchers as we have here even children who skip classes without permission. Equip them with communication systems to be assisting the police.

We want everybody to know about the law covering this notorious job, the punishment attached to it. You keep on mentioning other names for these uncivilized jobs these greedy young men do, but these names have nothing to do with them at all.

Even in some Countries SORCERERS are been shot by firing squad how much more armed robbers? Please protect the innocent hard working group in the society.

I dont beleive this photo because, a District councillor had taken a picture of another school building and had managed to have it published as a completed project,somewhere.We are still on our investigations and would bring you the Names soon for the Police to contact him.

I say BRAVO to the brave police force.
RE: Ghana's Most Wanted Armed Robber Captured
Author: Rich
Date: 03-01 13:03 

Sentence him to death. This will be a strong message to the Armrobers.
Police abuse.
Author: Ghanaman
Date: 03-01 10:02 

A while back I was on a American website discussing Africa. One disgusted American refered to Africans as "savages, monkeys and uncivilized". Before I could scream racist, he ponted out he arrived at that conclusion after watching a documentary on Liberia. A mother was killed by soldiers after she complained about them gang raping her 12 year old daughter. As they passed her around the mother tried to step in only to be shot. I bring this up because once again the comments on this website have proven the American right. In light of the brutal police treatment of the robber, only a couple of people dared suggest police brutality. These people were promptly shouted down by the mob. No doubt would i also will be shouted down. This robber deserves what is coming to him. If he is put on trial and sentenced to death that is fine with me. I will not shed a tear. I am angry at his treatment because it show a lack of discipline within the police force and a lack of control over the police. Civilized people do not lynch people to death on the street as it happens all the time in Africa. I am disgusted at the amount of people who see nothing wrong with the robber's treatment. It says all you neeed to know about Africa. Why there is such senseless violence and no respect for the lives of Africans. Why should anyone care about African when we Africans don't even care about ourselves? Tens of thousands of us die evey day and the world does not care. Who would want to get in the middle of such savages? If we treat the criminals among us with a just approach we send a message that violence of any kind will not be accepted. It restores the faith in the justice system of Africa. The children and citizens watching now know this vicious and brutal behavior is acceptable. I am always amazed at the amount of people on this website living in Western nations who accept this kind of behavior. What are you learning in these countries? Do you not see their justice systems? Do you not see the outrage every time someone is beaten? Where is the outrage? It is days and stories like this that make me want to wash my hands of Africa and say "to hell with them". That so many "educated" people do not see what is wrong is depressing and a sign that Africa is truly doomed. Freedom, Justice and Equality for all? Ha.
Author: paapa
Date: 03-01 05:40 

though i live far from the shores of Ghana, i am relieved that that Atta Ayi has been arrested. i commend the police for their work and bravado. All admiration was lost however when i saw the pictures displayed on this site. It's horrible and disgusting. Our police are either not learning or just do not care. Even from the pictures i could tell of a cut above the eye which was bleeding badly, swollen lips, and cuts on the back. In recent times we have witnessed the worst in police and military handling of detainees and one would have expected some change but these hardhearted men are not giving a damn. What is wrong in asking the devil to sit while you charge him. Did they have to make him kneel on the bare floor and shamefully, or perhaps stupidly, allow the press to witness all these.

Mr. IGP, your men are indisciplined and the sad part is they don't even realize it. Physical abuse is a crime and much worse if it comes from the police who are supposed to know and enforce the law. Another day in Ghana when hope has again been blighted by the deeds of some indisciplined men of the law. GOD SAVE US.
RE: Ghana's Most Wanted Armed Robber Captured
Author: Opuro Kwaku
Date: 03-01 01:59 

Let's give him a fair trial and execute him fast. Please, don't tell us he's escaped.
RE: Ghana's Most Wanted Armed Robber Captured
Author: Jack Densu
Date: 03-01 01:56 

Indeed God answers prayer. After sustained prayers last week against the armed robbers, God is beginning to move. Let us not relax. Now is the time to follow what the Bible says in 1 Thes 5:17 'Pray without ceasing'. God bless Ghana.
RE: Ghana's Most Wanted Armed Robber Captured
Author: Nana
Date: 02-28 21:37 

Bravo! Ghana Police.
shame on atta ayi.
Author: yum yum
Date: 02-28 20:23 

shame on atta ayi
RE: Ghana's Most Wanted Armed Robber Captured
Author: Ghana
Date: 02-28 19:06 

Kill him, but please castrate him and chop of his stupid dick before you shoot him.

Police should remove the talisman from his neck
Author: acetaminophen
Date: 02-28 18:33 

Satan has power too, and of course evil power. The police should remove that talisman from his neck which supposedly fortifies him spiritualy

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