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The Great Prophet Okomfo Anokye

Awake & Shine Africa
Author: Alimo T. Peter
Date: 03-14 07:32 

The man,Okomfo Anokye ,was not just a great prophet,but a Super Prophet who once lived on earth in Gold Coast,now Ghana.All the three qualities of a genuine prophet were evident in his life.He could predict the past,present and the future.Some of his prophesies are crystal clear in the lives of the Ashante people. He is still fresh in our memories.Africa could boast of the best religious prophets on this planet earth,but lamentably could not boast of annotated Holy Book of these prophets similar to the Holy Bible,which is a mere historical facts of the Isrealites and their ancient relationship with the rest of the world.Those who think the spiritual activities of Okomfo Anokye are idolatrous should revisit history and research the following questions;1.What is the true identity of the Ark of God or Ark of the covenant that the Isrealites carried on their shoulders from one place to another to even the land of Canaan? 2.Can they carry the God, who created the heaven and earth on their shoulders? 3.Joseph in the Bible said, my cup that was stolen was a cup of divination.What is this cup used for? 4. What is the true nature of the staff of Prophet Moses? 5.Jesus turned water into wine.Is this magic or not? Jesus commanded Peter to take money from the mouth of a fish from the sea by using a hook to entangle the fish.And this money was used to pay tax.Is it magic or not?Paul on several occasions prayed over handkerchiefs and distributed to people to solve their spiritual problems.Is this idolatry or not?In this 21st Century, where knowledge has increased, shall we still believe that anything African is mythical,barbaric and idolatrous, whiles that of Kwesi Obroni is holy, acceptable and Godly? No wonder, the second Super Prophet God gave to Ghanaians in the person of Apostle Kojo Sarfo was condemned,disgraced an published in Ghanaian newspapers,that it was Maame-Water,who gave him all the powers to instigate the technological wonders in Ghana at Mpota,Kasoa - Winneba road.Since then, Apostle K. Sarfo became unpopular among some Christian religious ignoramuses and some gluttonous politicians in Ghana.Therefore, Sarfo is not hailed, accredited and sold to the rest of the world as the technological Messiah , but rather regarded as an agent of Satan.Indubitably,the people of Isreal,who Christians think are most blessed on earth and can communicate with God directly, are the worst pagans the world has ever produced.If you want to argue this claim , read all the books of 1st and 2nd Kings first. Take your time and read before challenging.God even regretted creating the Isrealites.I wonder the Irealites,whose hands are tainted with human blood,killing the people of Palestine everyday, causing genocide and still get support from the U.S.A ,can be hailed and described as the most blessed and Godly nation.At times,i wish to commit suicide for being an African.
Date: 12-31 09:54 

Truely,we all like tales and histroy. I belive Okomfo Anokye was powerful fertish preiest, but very clever as well.Put chrisianity aside and consider his uerances, like going for death medicne as we have all heard, is impossible. Probably, he was predicting his death but his people did not understand him. Let us know what he gave to the hunter and what is doing that family life now. Kindly articulate your work to modern day-to-day adminstration and see how feasible his activities will be today.
Thanks for your nice way of telling your story. Most cases, it looks like anase story but you have passion in it.
Re: The Great Prophet Okomfo Anokye
Author: akosua yankyeraa
Date: 08-19 08:19 

waow, impresive. now i know the history of my kingdom
social studies
Author: alexander
Date: 06-16 09:17 

i want the video of okomfo anokye
Author: Nana
Date: 04-24 17:19 

Please do your research well and it will tell you he was indeed an Nzema.He was invited to Kumasi by Osei Tutu.If you google it will give you more facts.
Author: nana kofi prempeh agyemang
Date: 04-11 05:40 

africans must learn to respect our culture,we have a rich culture but we`ve been brainwash by the wicked pale face who called himself the whiteman.sankofa'''
Okomfo Anokye
Author: Kofi Opokuababio
Date: 03-23 13:29 

I really enjoyed reading this informative refresher course in Asante history. I am appalled by the fact that these pastors are demeaning our culture. To hold the colonized in perpetual servitude, the colonialist had to erase all sense of self worth of the African. It appears the colonialists were successful from the way these pastors demean our ancestors and the African in general. Pitiful!!
Okomfo Anokye vrs Merlin; Similarities
Author: Efo Dela
Date: 09-21 03:40 

As a kid, I couldn't help but notice the many similarities between Okomfo Anokye's story and King Arthur's story.
Okomfo Anokye = Merlin
Osei Tutu = Arthur
Gold Stool = round table
Excalibur in a stone = Okomfo Anokye's unremovable sword
Merlin 'death' = Okomfo Anokye's death
So many more
Okomfo Anokye.
Author: Isaac Okoreeh-Baah
Date: 09-20 16:17 

An excellent article that should enlighting all mankind about the similarities of Okomfo Anokye and Moses. Okomfo Anokye has always been my prophet and will always be. I am a true christian by choice but I will not abandone my heritage that was given to me by the Almighty God. Most of us are mentally lost but remember that if God made us in His Own Image, then He can not love one Child over another. Thank God for Jesus Christ and Okomfo Anokye.
please call me 0202401827 for more
Author: am nana kwame
Date: 08-02 05:35 

am from awukugua and i will tell you every thing about the great priest and take you to his house if you want to see some of the great miracles he did at akuapem
Believe every single word.
Author: Ofori Samuel aka BISHOP SANTOS.
Date: 10-23 02:06 

Every single word in the article does not reveal a falacious statement but the true story of the GREAT OKOMFO ANOKYE. What particularly touched my heart is the conclusion of what our pastor and so called rev. prophets and rev. Dr. bishops has been saying about our own root and breeded religion, which is very appauling. I know and believe that, the GREAT one will be back (reincarnated) in some days to come.
Re: The Great Prophet Okomfo Anokye
Author: Caryn Wilson
Date: 04-06 15:25 

Very interesting and educative.
okomfo anokye
Author: omar sherif awal
Date: 02-18 12:18 

I believe him, and i will always be there for him.
Re: The Great Prophet Okomfo Anokye
Author: omar sherif awal
Date: 02-18 12:16 

I really believe the great prophet Okomfu Anokye.
May you be blessed
Author: African from South Africa
Date: 08-06 13:02 

Sheer brilliance. The writer is incredible in his writing and composition.

Nkosi Sikel i Africa.

God Bless Africa.
Date: 05-29 10:49 

Africans Real Israelites
Author: Abigail
Date: 08-22 11:30 

I know so many of you will refuse to believe this as usual. But I'll just do my Yahweh (God) giving parth. And as Yashuah (Jesus) always said "WHOEVER HAS EARS, LISTEN" Africans/Blacks are the Almights' chosen people. Just go to the Bible to support this. Deuteronomy 28 talks about the blessings and the curses that'd come upon Yisrael (Israel) if they obeyed or disobeyed the "Ten Commandments". If you know you history, there's no way that you wouldn't believe this. For example, "Deut 28:68 The LORD will send you back in ships to Egypt on a journey I said you should never make again. There you will offer yourselves for sale to your enemies as male and female slaves, but no one will buy you."
Egypt, not meaning the actual land. Remember the Yisraelites were enslaved and oppressed and were in bondage in Egypt. So what that is saying is that Yisrael will go back into being captives, oppressed and in bondage by a way of ship? WOW, hmmm let me see..... Trans Atlantic Slave Trade. What? YUP YUP YUP. Look at the distance between Africa and North America. How did the slaves get there. NOT BY AIRPLANES THAT FOR SURE!!!!
Oh Oh check this out.
"36 The LORD will drive you and the king you set over you to a nation unknown to you or your fathers. There you will worship other gods, gods of wood and stone. 37 You will become a thing of horror and an object of scorn and ridicule to all the nations where the LORD will drive you."
Our forefather didn't know English, it was foreign to them. Other gods? Look how many religions there are. Besides, what's religion anyway. The Old Testament does not mention anything about "religion" does it?
There's more
43 The alien who lives among you will rise above you higher and higher, but you will sink lower and lower. 44 He will lend to you, but you will not lend to him. He will be the head, but you will be the tail.
The whitemen came, stole our gold, our history and has decieved everyone. White people refuse to mention black people and their contributions in history. There's so much more. So if you want to learn, visit WWW.HEBREWISRAELITES.ORG. read for yourself and honey, you will believe.

I just started researching the Akan alphabet and so far what I've found it's AMAZING to me. The Akan alphabet has 22 characters same as the Hebrew. The letter J is omitted from both alphabets. And look at Hebrew names and the names in the Akan Bible. I.E. Moses (pronounced as Moshe in both languages. Eyob or Yob, Yahuda, Daweed (David) and so forth.)
One more Revelations 2:9 "I know your afflictions and your poverty?yet you are rich! I know the slander of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan." The so-called white jews are perpetrating to be the real jews but they are not. Most jews are white aren't they? I'm stopping here because I can go on and on.. I don't understand why the pastors don't preach more often from the Old Testatment. I hope they aren't withholding the truth from us. If they don't know the truth, I pray to the Almighty to give them knowlege and wisdom. I'm out. Shalom
The Greet Prophet
Author: Kofi Nyame
Date: 11-01 14:24 

This is anything but brilliant article. When an academic insists on propagating falsehoods and becomes a purveyor of nonsense, he should not be pampered.
Author: NANA
Date: 10-31 15:48 

Re: The Great Prophet Okomfo Anokye
Author: Osahene
Date: 10-31 14:13 

Kofi: Onyansafouo a wodi kosua ka dompe mu. Mo ne kasa!!
Re: The Great Prophet Okomfo Anokye
Author: Kwaku Opoku-Agyemang
Date: 10-31 13:39 

A very brilliant exposition. What baffles me is that (and I once posed the question to my sister) Ghanaian Christians are prepared to accept that Enoch was lifted into the skies on a chariot but not the fact that Okomfo Anokye simply disappeared.
RE: fantastic piece???
Author: Sally Nkrumah
Date: 10-31 13:10 

i think so. This is a well written piece. Though I am a christian, I agree with most of the points raised in the article. Thnx alot for your brilliant article.

I remain

Re: The Great Prophet Okomfo Anokye
Author: gas
Date: 10-31 13:09 

A brilliant exposition.Bur remember that the important thing for us to do as Ghanaians is to tap into all claimants to glory the good that will advance our country.Sometimes I wonder why okomfo Anokye was never influenced by the early missionaries in Ghana.Can you explain that?
National Integration
Author: Kwadwo Mensah
Date: 10-31 12:17 

There are several accomplishments of Okomfo Anokye. The most significant, to me, was he and Osei Tutu forged a national integration for what has become known as Asante. There did not exist a "nation-state" or an empire called Asante. There were several "nation-states" such as Kwaman, Kumawu, Juaben, Mampong and etc, many of which states were vassals of Denkyera. As a vassal state, Kwaman had sent Osei Tutu to serve in the court of Denkyera. There, it is alleged he raped a young princess and ran away to Akwamufie. Upon the death of his uncle, Obiri Yeaboah, Osei Tutu was brought back to become chief of Kwaman. He was not accompanied by Okomfo Anokye, but also by the Seven Guneers - Atuo Nsuon, and Anumfou. Anumfuo settled in the area that is now know as Adum in central Kumasi. In forging what became Asante, Okomfo Anokye assembled various chiefs and urged them to unite. He is alleged to have used the broom to illustrate his point of the need to unite. One strand of broom can be easily broken, whereas several strands put together to form a broom is near impossible in being broken. He would then use the stool as another symbol of unity and with that the separation of powers: the asantehene and the council of elders (or asantman council) as legislators and the executive branch; a military organization (kurontire ne akwamu) which had the asantehene as the sumpreme commander and Mamponghene as the next in command; and state trading company (batafokuo). Other symbols of state incorporated in the political ideology were the akofena (state sword) and tuo (gun), the umbrella and the umbrella tops (kyinie ntuatire), and akyeame poma (linguist's staff). When Denkyerahene heard of the coming together of some his vassal states in order to wage war on him, he declared "OSA NTI NA YEENOM AKA WOHO ABOM" - because of war these people are coming together, hence the name "Osantefo" or "Asantefo." After they succefully waged their war of independence from Denkyera, the Osantefo then waged war of expansion. One of the most impressive aspects of the pre-colonial Asante society was the systematic development of a national ideology that undergirded a complex system of social and political institutions. Using the ideology of the golden stool (sikadwa) to bind together amanhene (paramount chiefs), their royal lineages and the people into a centralized governance and support system, early rulers like Osei Tutu (ca. 1965-1717), Opoku Ware I (1717-1750), Osei Kwadwo (1764-1777), and Osei Bonsu (1801-1824) created an elaborate military organization and a sophisticated centralized bureaucracy to build a huge empire that stood against European rule till the turn of the century. Ironically, when Kwame Nkrumah sought to build an integrated new "nation-state" Ghana, the Asante strongly opposed him and threatened to secede. The Asante saw Nkrumah as usurping their right to rule and also for appropriating royal symbols to forge a national identity. When one goes to Bonwire and surrounding kente weaving villages and one wears kente with a "jumper" shirt underneath, the Asante will deride the one as "Kwame Nkrumah". The symbols that Nkrumah forged together to create a national identity and African personality are the symbols that everyone recognizes as what makes Ghana unique. Unfortunately, the new leaders in Ghana love to wear their three-piece suits more than wear kente, batakari, ntama, etc. Yes Okmfo Anokey and Osei Tutu used spirituality to create a national ideology, we need to critically appraise what is good in our indigenous systems for national integration, national identity, and national development. What symbols Okomfo Anokye used had their antecedents in other Akan states, as well Akwapem, Awona and the north. Visit the website -http://www.marshall.edu/akanart/ and read the book Cloth As Metaphor by G. F. Kojo Arthur.
Traditional beliefs
Author: kwame Asante
Date: 10-31 11:33 

And Let the Church Say Amen!

So let me enjoy My myth as you believe in the myth of the Virgin Birth...
These are all myths
Author: Kofi Hamenu Muzenge
Date: 10-31 10:58 

In all the other examples you gave, there were written documents. Some of the documents were written before the event took place or as the event was taking place. In the event you have narrated, the documentations took place long after the event allowing for doubts to be cast on some of the occurences.
As a history student I see a very big difference between Osei Kwadjo and Osei Tutu in terms of their contributions. It is unfortunate that African societies stress on the brawn in our leaders then those who make contributions with their minds. Osei Kwadjo may not have fought wars but I hope someone will teach the children about the Kwodjoan reforms in the history of Asante. Once all that you have narrated remain myths I do not have any problem with that. They are not historical facts. And before the use of the Golden stool, there was the use of the Black stool. Either the Denkyira or the Akwamu were using the Black stool before the Asante.
Historically the Yaa Asantewaa war did not last for two years. Check your facts again. Colonialism started in Ghana in 1901 that is after the Yaa Asantewwaa war of 1900.
Lastly Okomfo anokye did not have a creed. He was a fetish priest and operated as such. The other religions you mentioned all have creeds.The Greeks- Anthrpomorphism, Judaism-Law and prophets, Islam-One God and Mohammed his only messenger, etc. Okomfo anokye concentrated according to your writing in creating an Asante State and he did that.From your own writing the present republic of Ghana has nothing to do with the prowess of Okomfo Anokye that is why it will look to you as if he is being denigrated. He actually has a place in Asante history/legend/folklore.
The Black Christ
Author: Auwousou Jao-CUM
Date: 10-31 09:34 

Ellison's piece is simply mind-blowing. These are the kinds of writings that can make us think and act as real Africans. It is unfortunate we, as Africans, have become unduly gullible to anything Caucasian much to our own detriment. As for these prosperity theologists who are doing the balancing act of being within and without sanity, the least said about them, the better. The Pull-Him-Down syndrome is everywhere including the Church. Just recently, the former Moderator of the Presby Church was so vehement with his frail and sickly voice in saying that Tetteh Quarshie was not the one who first brought Cocoa into Ghana. The Frenchman would say: Et alors? And so what? Is it a pride for him as a black to first for the glory of a whiteman? Was it not their so-called missionaries who came here preaching salvation and yet supported the despicable slave trade business? In any case what is it that their church groups are doing to push for reparation for the African Continent which was denuded of its capable men and women?These religious leaders, instead of africanising the christian faith are getting more and more petty minded just for the sake of getting the nod of their external masters. The basic problem with us is that we have reduced all our cultural practices to dancing and general merry making. If only we can move our belief and statecrafts a step higher, it would be good for us. But before I end; can our women-folks be described as Africans? Our women are a sorry sight to behold. They have become half baked sights of heinous caricatures spending millions of dollars that they have earned through sweat and toil to try to become what they can never ever be. They want to have fair skin, longer hairs and those skeletal features for a Miss Ignorance competition. God save us.
RE: The Great Prophet Okomfo Anokye
Author: Kofi Nyame
Date: 10-31 08:28 

Obiri Yeboah was beheaded when Asantes were defeated in a war against Dormaa. Baa after whom Bantama is named was from Dormaa. A little logic will tell you much of what you have written is false.
RE: The Great Prophet Okomfo Anokye
Author: yanks
Date: 10-31 07:40 

oh, so kofi ellison is from assuowin? okaaay
Date: 10-31 07:08 

Well written,Kofi
Some people wouldn't like to hear of this because,it did not come from where they came from or you did write about white man's culture.If what was written had happened in White man's land as I have said,we would have had ANOKYEISTS or ANOKYEISM.
RE: The Great Prophet Okomfo Anokye
Author: Kosivi Degbor
Date: 10-31 05:44 

This is a good beginning. I have a friend from the Asante area who has said so much about this Okomfo Anokye man. He says the great Priest left a powerful shrine called Baabeduru at Agona and some relics in nearby villages like Wiammase and Akrofusu. The next stage is for the minister of Tourism to approach the custodians of these relics (the royal family or chief) and together develop a programme on how the area can be turned into a tourist center, or better still, a holy place where believers in African traditional religion will go periodically on a pilgrimage-- a 'Bethlehem or Mecca' of some sort.
RE: The Great Prophet Okomfo Anokye
Author: Captein
Date: 10-31 04:13 

Okomfo Anokye was a mere African magician.
Okomfo Anokye
Author: Kofi Oppong-Nketiah
Date: 10-31 03:54 

The worst you can do to a Folk is to infect it with the psychological inferiority-complex.And thatis exactly the worst thing the slave trade and colonialism has don e to Africa.
komfo anokye
Author: agya kwaku bonsu
Date: 10-31 03:40 

africa,believe in kwame nkrumah he was very real and honest.
And you believe this?
Author: Galantry
Date: 10-31 03:04 

Please, retelling these tales wouldn't solve Ghana's contemporary problems. We are talking of pragmatic issues and not these fairy tales of fetish priests. How could someone tell you he is going to search for the cure for death? And you believe he was going to look for cure for death?


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