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Women Use Cassava Sticks For Abortion

Women Use Cassava sticks For A
Author: Collins K. Asamoa-Afriyie
Date: 02-10 09:32 

I was very horrified to read about this article.Frankly, I was sick to my stomarch.What has become of our women? as a publich health student I was happy to read that Dr Mensah and his colleagues are doing thire best to save the situation.However, I think more needs to be done.The Government needs to involve the accredited community leaders like Churches,women organizations, and Local Chiefs andElders to educate our Women about potential health risks involved.Men should also be held more accountable for thier sexual behaviours because most of these women tend to do abortions due to lack of financial supports from thier male partners.Thank you
Author: agjei richard
Date: 02-07 08:36 

WOMEN should know that blood is precious and powerful.they must not destroy it (abort).babies are given by GOD they will be accountable some day some time.
Author: ama
Date: 02-02 19:04 

please stop that wick act, you will live to regret later. dont kill them. they gift from god
whataa sinthing
Author: goslow,california
Date: 02-02 14:43 

whataa sinthing
It has been going on for long
Author: Afiabebe
Date: 02-02 12:46 

This method of abortion has been going on for long time. I first heard of it when my cousin died in 1983 of a similar incident and it was a horrible site. So I did some research in the village where it happen and also talk to people who have been through the process. The logic behind this method is that the cassava stick and some other plants do have some form of acidic properties so when inserted it erodes the cervix and the sac in the uterus which causes the abortion. The sad news is that since they can not see the direction of the stick it ends up damaging other organs and also sometimes the stick produces too much acid than needed. In the case of my cousin before she died her whole uterus including her some organs came out. As already indicated we need to educate these girls, open communications between parents and children and provide some form of free private counseling to women.
Author: Preps Fiadzigbe
Date: 02-02 12:19 

This is an alarming piece of information. Parliament will have to quickly address the foundamental question of reconciling "Women's right, Unwanted pregnances and Marriage" within the context of Ghanaian culture. And please, do not involve your personal religious beliefs and inclinations into the deliberation!!
Re: Womenuse cassava stick
Author: Atto -Canada
Date: 02-02 12:08 

Whatever happened to family planning and the pill. Ghanaian women should be supplied free of charge by the Social services, and the men should stop doing the "Bone to Bone" and use condoms("Kote socks"). PLEASE.
Re: Women Use Cassava Sticks For Abortion
Author: HAPPY
Date: 02-02 11:15 

Author: Pelicles
Date: 02-02 10:45 

A desperate person does desperate things. If the women in question cannot afford the amount involved in terminating the pregnancy the right way, what do you expect?
Author: tata
Date: 02-02 09:43 

ghanaian women like jigging too much. why?
Re: Women Use Cassava Sticks For Abortion
Author: Attah Adu
Date: 02-02 09:39 

Cheap talk, Bring solution and prove your research with real documents instead of the usual Africanism methods.
Re: Women Use Cassava Sticks For Abortion
Date: 02-02 09:09 

what is so special in the volta Region to opt out from the nation? If volta Region were to have more minerals like the Ashanti Region, what will you do? You are not a real voltarian .From Togo shut up and leave volta Region alone. Agbozume in china and so what?
Educate the poor.
Author: Baba Shaban
Date: 02-02 09:07 

Poverty and lack of education are the results of these actions.
Re: Women Use Cassava Sticks For Abortion
Author: JB Awotwe
Date: 02-02 08:37 

This is very very serious. This is suicide, I mean using cassava sticks to penetrate the female sexual organ for abortion.
Author: NANA O
Date: 02-02 08:12 

Edutaction and Poverty
Author: Kobbi
Date: 02-02 07:58 

We need to educate them and get them into proper employment. Not to forget a better health service. We have a huge job to undertake.

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