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pic 44587677 Bladensburg, MD When word hit the streets that Prophet Akwasi Agyeman Prempeh was returning to Maryland once again for a Prophetic Conference, many were excited to attend and see the man of God in action. Wednesday, October 28, 2009 was a memorable service to witness as God indeed used the man of God to touch his people through incredible divine miracles. The evening conference took place at the Bladensburg High School and the Host Pastor organizing this powerful conference was the anointed man of God; Bishop Senyo Bulla who also introduced Prophet Agyeman Prempeh to start the service. Among some of the amazing moments were: A woman testified that she did not have papers for over 20 years and now had a green card. She encouraged the congregation not to lose hope because it did not matter how long it will take; God will always make a way. A gentleman who was unemployed for a year as an Engineer suddenly was encouraged by Bishop Bulla that the "job was coming". Bishop Bulla had asked him to prepare some business cards for distribution. When he followed that direction, the jobs kept coming in. He testified that he had gone from unemployed to working 7 days and at times became overwhelmed with requests that he had to refuse offers. Prophet Agyeman called a lady in the congregation and stated that she had come from the hospital few hours ago. Prophet Agyeman said her illness is not biological but spritual because she is an attorney who is going to be very powerful in the US and around the world and the enemy wants to block it. He said she had been battling this illness for many years and had been in and out of hospitals.The woman confirmed it. The man of God said God was aware of what she had been going through and the evening was her deliverance and asked the congregation to pray for her. Prophet Prempeh had mentioned the spritual attacks on her family including her mother and her three siblings. Prophet Prempeh said her mother had 4 children and lost one Prophet Prempeh also anointed a man with the blessings of prophetic ministration. According to Prophet Prempeh, the man's ancestry performed idolism and he is the person God wanted to use to break the family practise. The man confirmed the accurate prophesy and looked at the Prophet in shock. He danced and later knelt on his knees and grabbed the leg of the Prophet. Prophet Agyeman also prophesied on a woman whose family had been losing children through miscarriages. The prophet Agyeman said one of her forefathers was a liguist to a shrine who had sacrificed blood in her family that is the reason of the family going through still births and miscarriages. The prophet even cited that about two weeks ago the woman's sister was in labor and almost lost the baby but the Lord intervened. The woman also confirmed. Prophet Agyeman said the woman was 4 months pregnant and the Lord wanted to intervene so that the idol worshipping was ceased. Prophet Agyeman called her husband also to join her. Prophet Agyeman stated that the husband was recently at the lawyer?s office to sign a paper and it was his will as he had been haunted by the spirit of death. The man also was shocked and confirmed what the Prophet had said. Want to see a breakthrough, the conference promise to change lives and teach you to walk out your prophetic destiny. Don't miss this conference! Like the prophet said; "No Kululu, No kalala". COME AND SEE THE POWER OF GOD AT WORK About the Host Pastor; *About Bishop Senyo Bulla* Bishop Senyo Bulla was called into the Kingdom of God at the tender age of 8 and began preaching the Gospel in his teen years. He is a seasoned Minister and author with 15 years of experience overseeing diverse ministries and congregations. Bishop Bulla has been an ordained minister within Christian Action Faith Ministries (C.A.F.M) since December 1995. He has been appointed by God to be one of the end-time Apostles in the earth. Bishop Bulla has a proven record of building unified international congregations of diverse ethnicities. His unprecedented leadership abilities has been the catalyst to various apostolic missions being successfully launched in many of the C.A.F.M. branch churches in Europe and other parts of Africa. *Schedule - Oct. 25th, Nov. 1* Week Nights - 7pm Saturday Night - 7pm Sunday Service - Nov. 1 - 7:30 am & 10:30 am Evening - 7pm for more information, log on to *ALL ARE INVITED!!*
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