11 international league occasions that Otumfuo has graced in his 23 years as king

Asantehene And Queen Elizabeth Laughs The Asantehene met with Queen Elizabeth II

Sat, 17 Sep 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

It’s a debate that may never be won by those against the arguments that he may perhaps be the most important traditional ruler in Ghana.

And that is because over the years, and with the level of international repute he has earned for himself, the tales may just be shifting in the direction of the fact that the Asantehene, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, towers over them all.

The most recent instance of an invitation from the Protocol Directorate of the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office of the British government, on behalf of King Charles III, has once again resurrected the discussions on the clout of the Asantehene.

As a way of emphasizing this narrative, The Asante Nation, a credible page on social media that promotes stories about the Ashanti kingdom, has shared a list of notable occasions and events that the Otumfuo Osei Tutu II was honoured to have been invited to.

And while the reasons for the continuous reverence the king receives from other parts of the world may not be uniform, there is no doubt stating that anytime he had the chance, the Asantehene uses those occasions to showcase the beautiful Akan culture, as well as Ghana's heritage.

Here is the list:

1. Otumfuo was invited to address the UN General Assembly on Culture of Peace.

2. Otumfuo was invited by Queen Elizabeth II to Buckingham Palace a year after his enstoolment.

3. Otumfuo was invited as a special guest at the 17th-anniversary celebration of the King of Morocco in Rabat.

4. Otumfuo was invited by Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands to celebrate 300yrs of Asante - Dutch relationships.

5. Otumfuo was invited by the President of Suriname to their 43rd Independence anniversary.

6. Otumfuo was invited by the constitutional monarch of Uganda, Kabaka of Buganda's 25th-anniversary celebration.

7. Otumfuo was invited by Esama of Benin Kingdom in Nigeria.

8. Otumfuo was invited by Pope Francis to the Vatican alongside President John Agyekum Kuffour.

9. Otumfuo was invited to the Memphis in May International Festival in the USA as the Royal Guest.

10. Otumfuo was invited by the monarch of Swaziland (eSwatini) as a special guest to their National Festival.

11. Otumfuo was invited by Muammar Gaddafi to Libya.

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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