193 students rusticated from TaTU for examination malpractices

Tamale Technical UniversitySep2017 The announcement was made on the Facebook page of Tamale Technical University

Thu, 30 Dec 2021 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

193 students sacked from TaTU for examination malpractices

196 malpractice cases were initially reported

The students have been rusticated for two semesters

The Tamale Technical University has sacked 193 students for engaging in various examination malpractices.

This was made known via a statement released by the public affairs directorate of the university on their Facebook page.

According to the statement, 196 cases of examination malpractices were recorded but 193 students were found culpable of the offences levelled against them.

The culprits took foreign materials like mobile phones, electronic wrist watches, handwritten notes on pieces of paper, veils, scarfs, handkerchiefs, bodily palms and bodily thighs.

Parts of the statement reads, “Pursuant to Statute 51 of Tamale Technical University, a Disciplinary Committee for Junior Members of the University was set to look into various examination malpractices for the 2021 second semester examination period.

“The Committee’s investigations revealed that One Hundred and Ninety-Six (196) cases of examination malpractices were reported.

“One Hundred and Ninety-Three cases were culpable of offences against them."

Read the full statement below:

Source: www.ghanaweb.com